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Video: Thank Goodness Virginia Didn’t Elect Oliver North to the U.S. Senate


According to Iran-Contra felon Oliver North, who thankfully lost to Chuck Robb in the 1993 U.S. Senate election in Virginia, the rise of ISIS is due NOT to the U.S. invasion and bungled occupation of Iraq in the Bush/Cheney administration, which destabilized Iraq, threw thousands of hardcore Ba’athists out of their jobs, etc. For more on this subject, see: Tony Blair is right: without the Iraq war there would be no Islamic State; How the Bush Wars Opened the Door for ISIS; Did George W. Bush Create ISIS? (Short answer: yes, to a large extent); and 9 questions about ISIS you were too embarrassed to ask (“The US disbanded Iraq’s Sunni-dominated army, now widely seen as a colossal error. Soldiers and officers, unemployed and aggrieved, joined the insurgents in large numbers. Zarqawi and his group, which had slipped into Iraq shortly after the US invasion, distinguished itself as more violent, and more willing to slaughter civilians, than all others.”)

Yet no, according to North – and I’m sure you’ll be shocked! shocked! at this – it’s all Barack Obama’s fault somehow, for his supposed “bug-out…from Iraq and his drawing pink lines in the sand with the Syrian revolution.” Riiiiiiiight…if we had just stayed in Iraq forever, all the problems over there — many of which were exacerbated by Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Bremer, etc. — would be solved, presto change-o. And if you believe that, I’ve got some nice desert property in Al Anbar province to sell you. LOL


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