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Audio: “Only voice of reason on the Fairfax County School Board” Goes Nuts Over Transgender Directive


A few “highlights” from this morning’s anti-LGBT hatefest with (far-right) Fairfax County Board member Elizabeth Schultz on right-wing talk radio (WMAL):

  • Schultz said, sarcastically, that it’s still “America spelled with a ‘c’ and not a ‘k’…yet.”
  • Schultz said this directive left her “stunned” that in “less than a year, we’ve gone from an implied threat to an explicit threat from the federal government…that you will comply with what Barack Obama’s administration ‘decrees’…without the force of law…they’re going to threaten…the money that is meant for the nation’s poorest, hungriest kids...if you don’t force transgender bathroom use in your…bathrooms, in your locker rooms, we’re taking the poorest kids’ money away from you.”
  • She claimed that this “is absolutely gobsmacking, jawdropping federal overreach to the maximum extent.”
  • She agreed with the host’s assertion that the Obama administration is “holding poor kids’ hostage to push their transgender locker room policies on everyone.”
  • She said she’d “gladly” give up $42 million in federal funding than have a “federal noose around my neck.”
  • Schultz bizarrely claimed that the Fairfax County School Board budget (“over $3 billion annually”) is “more than 150 nations on earth’s GDP.” In fact, there are only 31 countries in the world with GDPs below $3 billion a year, while 157 countries are above that level (most wayyyy above $3 billion — like tens, hundreds or even thousands of times higher). Details, details…and math is hard, apparently. LOL
  • The hosts specifically attacked Fairfax County School Board member Ryan McElveen, who has been a leader and a hero on this issue, and Schultz certainly didn’t leap to his defense.
  • Schultz further claimed that “what you’re watching is the ironic end of women’s sports, because they’re using Title IX…and it is, in fact, undermining the whole of women’s sports and youth athletics…at the High School level.”
  • The right-wing host called Schultz the “only voice of reason” on the Fairfax County School Board. Uhhhhhh…lol.
  • In short, just another morning on right-wing talk radio in America (with a “c” not a “k” – heh) with someone who has no business being on any School Board, let alone the one in tolerant, diverse, progressive Fairfax County.


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