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Audio: Sen. Mark Warner Rips Donald Trump’s Dangerous Economic Agenda


Key points by Sen. Mark Warner on a conference call a few minutes ago.

*Trump is the “first candidate in modern political history that’s not been willing to release his tax records, so we don’t know how much is fact vs. puffery.”
*We do know that Trump “has bankrupted at least four businesses…has a proven record of being a slow-pay or no-pay, particularly to small and mid-sized businesses…he has been willing to outsource many of the products that he puts his name to…created a university that left many folks in debt.”
*Trump’s comments in Scotland after the Brexit vote were “reckless; I could not imagine a national leader, or even someone in the Senate, making those kinds of comments on foreign soil…to me that is remarkable, it is beyond the pale…words matter, your tone matters…on all of those indicators, Donald Trump has failed the test of tone or tenor for leadership.”
*We’ve failed to see “even any willingness to learn the facts” — what “may work in putting together a real estate deal are not the same rules if you’re trying to guide national economies.”
*Most new jobs come from startups, innovation, technology, and Hillary Clinton has laid out a clear and specific plan about how we can do more to support startup companies, entrepreneurship, etc. In contrast, all we’ve gotten from Donald Trump is “sound bites, no policies…non-knowledgeable comments about encryption…We don’t see [Trump] stepping up and both learning the facts and setting the tone that Americans, and for that matter the rest of the world, would expect from an American president.”
*The kind of “rash actions” we saw with Brexit is “Donald Trump’s plan on steroids.”


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