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New Drug Available for the 2016 Political Season: ClintonEx


Do you or a loved one have the following symptoms?

  • Do you constantly scowl every time you see Hillary Clinton on television?
  • Do you regularly use the term “Shillary”?
  • Do you tell people that Hillary Clinton is like Richard Nixon in a pant suit?
  • Do you make excuses to bring up “Benghazi” in ordinary conversations?
  • Do you often use hyphen – Gate to describe things you hear in the news?
  • Do you blame Hillary Clinton for her vote on the Iraq War, even though when the war was being proposed you had a “Support our Troops” and “Freedom isn’t Free” bumper sticker on your SUV?
  • Do you worry about Bill Clinton getting too close to your daughters?
  • Do you still “Feel the Bern”?
  • Do you want to hear more about her “damn e-mails”?

If these symptoms sound familiar, ask your doctor if ClintonEx is right for you.

Side effects include, reason, logic, acceptance, and occasionally mild nausea when considering that you may actually vote for a Democrat.

Benefits of the drug include:

  • Improved memory that the 1990s wasn’t really that bad.
  • Realization that the unemployment rate has actually dropped significantly since the financial crisis with Democrats in charge.
  • Realization that the United States is still the dominant force in the world while the rest of the world is struggling.
  • Realization that a billionaire who inherited much of his money and made the rest through marketing his name, including through a fraudulent university, and whose companies have filed for bankruptcy four times, might not know more than an accomplished government official with 12 years of experience in the White House/Cabinet and 18 years involved in the highest offices in government, not including her time as an appointee of President Jimmy Carter to the Legal Services Corporation.
  • Realization that Bill Clinton spent his post presidency creating one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world, while the last Republican president spent his painting cats, dogs, and famous people he met while in office.

Clearly the benefits of ClintonEx outweigh the mild side effects of not being a mindless curmudgeon.

Warning:  The effects of ClintonEx may be reversed if watching Fox News or listening to right wing talk radio!


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