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New WaPo-ABC News Poll: Hillary Surges to Biggest Lead Over Trump; Obama Approval at 56%-41%


So how’s the tour of your Scottish golf course, going Herr Trump? How about your dumpster fire of a campaign? Your appeal to “the frightened, parochial lizard-brain” of America? Not so well, apparently; such a shame, eh? By the way, you know how Trump’s entire raison d’etre is that he’s “winning?” Well, so much for that. Which means, in short…how do you spell Trump? L-O-S-E-R!

Oh, and in other news from that same, hot-off-the-presses poll:

  • *This is Hillary Clinton’s largest lead ever in Washington Post-ABC News polling.
  • President Obama’s approval rating is at +15 points (56%-41%), including +13 points (55%-42%) on the economy. That means Obama’s likely to be a “yuge” asset for Democrats up and down the ballot this summer and fall; a huge change for the better from 2010 and 2014.
  • By a nearly 2:1 margin (64%-34%), voters do NOT believe that Donald Trump is “qualified to serve as president.” The question is, who are those 34% and what are they smoking?
    *In stark contrast, voters strongly believe (by a 61%-37% margin) that Hillary Clinton IS qualified to serve as president
  • By a 62%-35% margin, voters believe that “Republican leaders should speak out against Trump when they disagree with his views.”
  • An incredible 70% of voters say they are “anxious” about the prospect of a Trump presidency, with 52% saying they are VERY anxious (put me with the majority on that one!). Only 16% are “very comfortable,” and again…what are they smoking?
  • One possible warning sign in this poll for both Democrats and for Republicans too (since they control both houses of Congress and many state legislatures/governors’ mansions): by a 56%-38% margin, voters want “to elect a president who can set the nation in a new direction.”
  • Large majorities think Trump is a bigot, and also that he’s not even close to adequately responding to questions about the “Trump University” scam.
  • Clinton should benefit once the idiotic “emails” non-scandal is laid to rest, hopefully soon.
  • Almost NOBODY (11%) view Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel to be “appropriate.” Hard to believe there are even 11% who can possibly say that, but I’m glad to see 85% saying Trump’s comments were “inappropriate.”
  • I find the results on Trump’s disgusting “temporary ban on Muslims” to be frightening: although the majority (52%) oppose this anti-American lunacy, 43% support it. Ugh.
  • Only 24% of Americans self identify as Republicans. Hopefully that percentage will go down, with a lot of Republicans following George Will out the door of this festering, fetid former “Party of Lincoln.”
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