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Virginia Trump State Chair Wants Newt Gingrich for VP; Says Trump’s Racist Comments About Judge Are Understandable


From the Kojo Nnamdi Show a few minutes ago, Trump Virginia Chair Corey Stewart had some interesting comments about who Trump should pick for his running mate and also on “illegal immigration” (see videos below). I’d note that the show’s hosts completely failed to ask Stewart about his various outrageous, bigoted comments in recent weeks. For instance, they didn’t ask him about Virginia Trump State Chair Calls Latino Group CASA “Scumbag Organization” or his “dirt bag liberal pieces of crap” comments. Why not?

In this case, Stewart just dodges the question about his harsh, draconian “show-me-your-papers plan” against Latinos. Stewart also, laughably, claims that his “crackdown on illegal immigration” actually caused his “numbers” to go up, “because Latinos who are here legally…don’t necessarily support illegal immigration,” and the “African American population…is probably more hurt by the effect of illegal immigration than any other demographic in this state, and you’re going to find that the illegal immigration issue is going to find a lot of support, not just among Caucasians but among all races…” Stewart flat-out lies about “illegal immigrants” “taking jobs” from Americans and driving down their wages. On another topic, Stewart says he disagrees with Trump on the “Muslim ban.” Finally, Stewart says he can “understand where Trump is coming from” on Trump’s racist comments about the U.S.-born judge (Gonzalo Curiel) as “Mexican.” Sorry, Corey, there is nothing understandable – let alone acceptable – about Trump’s comments, and if you can’t understand that, you have no business holding public office in America.


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