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Anti-Muslim Bigot, Assad Ally, Va. Sen. Dick Black (R): “I’ve received death threats from radicals because of my last post about the attempted Turkish coup”


We’re all aware that one of Virginia’s biggest embarrassments is bigoted extremist and all-around nutjob State Sen. Dick Black (R-Of Course!). A few “highlights” from Black’s less-than-illustrious career include:

So, yeah, the guy’s completely bonkers, clueless, wrong on everything, you name it. Well now, on his Facebook page, Black has taken on the attempted coup in Turkey. Among other things, Black makes the following claims, all of which are either highly questionable, blatantly false, and/or outright loony tunes. Check it out, including the last comment about how he’s supposedly receiving “death threats from radicals because of my last post about the attempted Turkish coup.”

  • *”Under Erdogan, Turkey has been the principle ally of ISIS.” (FACTS: “Turkey is the first country which designated ISIL as a terrorist organization;” “On 23 July 2015, Turkey allowed the United States Air Force to use İncirlik and Diyarbakır air bases in southern Turkey for their airstrikes on ISIL”; “Turkish authorities have arrested around 1.200 people inside Turkey through the past year for suspected links with ISIL“; “Turkey is at active war with ISIL“)
  • “Erdogan has been one of the world’s greatest supporters of terrorism.” (FACT: This is beyond ridiculous, not even worth rebutting.)
  • “If successful, the military coup in Turkey would be good news for the cause of world peace.” (Huh? How so? Basically every analysis I’ve read has said that instability in Turkey, whether the coup succeeded or failed, would be BAD news no matter how you look at it. What does Dick Black know that Middle East experts don’t?)
  • “[Turkey’s] conversion to an Islamic state under Erdogan resulted in a sea of bloodshed across Turkey’s borders in Syria and Iraq.” (FACT: Uh, no; violence in Iraq started a loooong time ago, including following the 2003 U.S. invasion and botched occupation of Iraq. The Syrian civil war has a multitude of actors and root causes, but Turkey’s supposed “conversion to an Islam state” – a wild exaggeration in and of itself – is almost certainly not one of them.)
  • We can only pray that the Turkish military is successful in ousting President Erdogan, who has said that he wants to acquire powers similar to those of Adolph Hitler.” (FACT: It wasn’t “the Turkish military,” but factions within the military, while most of the military stayed loyal to Erdogan. Having said that, I WILL say that I’m not a fan of Erdogan’s, an anti-secular dictator wannabe…)
  • I’ve received death threats from radicals because of my last post about the attempted Turkish coup. However, the truth is the truth and I won’t change under threats of violence.” (FACT: Obviously, there’s no excuse for death threats, although I wonder if this is another figment of Dick Black’s overactive, feverish imagination. Still, let’s take Black at his word on this one, and condemn any threats made against him. But as for “the truth is the truth,” Black wouldn’t know truth if it bit him in the buttocks.)

P.S. I’m tempted to say that Black should really stick to Virginia politics, except that he’s just as much of  a disaster there as he is when he ventures into foreign policy.


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