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BREAKING: Federal Appeals Court in Richmond Just Overturned NC’s “Voter ID” Bill


The Federal Court of Appeal in Richmond, VA just overturned North Carolina’s vote suppression bill. Here is more from WRAL.

I have written here previously about the onerous fifty-page NC “Voter ID” bill, which actually did much more to suppress the vote than “just” requiring voter IDs, which the poor, students and the old have difficulty obtaining.

The law also allowed new partisan “observers” to directly challenge any voter, making voting a potentially hostile occasion. “True the Vote,” and Kansas Secretary of State/national vote suppressionist, Chris Kobach, have devised strategies to remove legitimate voters from voting rolls. Kobach uses a bogus database to falsely label those who merely moved to another state as “double voting.”  The database is in use in NC and smacks of Katherine Harris in 2000.

The law allowed more money in state races as well. Additionally, new onerous and confusing rules for registering to vote and for those wanting to register others suppressed the vote too. The law emboldened shenanigans with the location of voting precincts, moving them around so voters do not know where to go.  This has been going on in a big way (especially on college campuses) since the original passage of this so-called “Voter ID” law.

Now, it is on to the the US Supreme Court.


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