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David Plouffe: “Loudoun, Prince William… [Trump’s] Going to Hemorrhage Votes There”


From the LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign:

ICYMI David Plouffe: “Loudoun, Prince William… [Trump’s] Going to Hemorrhage Votes There”

Counties Key to Winning VA, VA-10 Will Reject Divisive GOP Agenda

McLean – On Morning Joe yesterday, political analyst and former Barack Obama advisor David Plouffe singled out key counties in VA-10 where Donald Trump will “hemorrhage” votes. Watch the full clip here.

Plouffe: Hillary Clinton will get a higher percentage of the Democratic vote than Donald Trump will get of the Republican vote. You think about Northern Virginia – Loudoun County, Prince William County, Arlington, Alexandria – he’s going to hemorrhage votes there, and that was key for Barack Obama winning the state twice.

This scenario will trickle down-ballot, as an energized Democratic base and disaffected moderate Republicans drag down the campaign of Rep. Comstock, who continues to try to hide her support for Donald Trump from her constituents and the media.

A flashback to Tim Kaine’s statewide success – and his effect at turning out Democrats and independents and flipping moderate Republicans – further underscores the trouble in store for the entire Republican ticket in VA-10.

“With the national attention now on Virginia, all eyes will be on the bellwether counties of Loudoun, Prince William, and parts of Fairfax,” LuAnn Bennett spokesman Robert Howard said. “These moderate, independent voters have staunchly rejected the partisan, divisive GOP agenda shared by its standard bearers, Donald Trump and Rep. Comstock.”


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