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Monday News: Sanders, Clinton to Rally in NH; Virginia Protestors Shut Down Highway


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, July 11. Also, check out the video of Black Lives Matter protestors shutting down Mercury Boulevard in Hampton to protest police shootings of African Americans.

  • Bernie Sanders to Join Hillary Clinton at New Hampshire Rally

    On Tuesday, July 12, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders will join Hillary Clinton for a campaign event at Portsmouth High School to discuss their commitment to building an America that is stronger together and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

  • True Blue

    The Divide is fomented by The Donald.

    “Both are unpopular. Only one is a threat.”
    One only has to look at the comments under the article “Amid protests. . .” or listen to the right wing commentators who favor white privilege and profiling to understand this concept fully.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that The Divide will be on full display in Cleveland. It’s no wonder that many companies pulled out of sponsorship, former leaders in the GOP are staying home, and there’s talk of a convention coup. I’ll pray for peaceful protestors and law enforcers alike.

  • From the Clinton campaign:

    Hillary Clinton will campaign in Northern Virginia on Thursday, July 14, with U.S. Senator Tim Kaine. At a public Democratic Party of Virginia event in Annandale, the two will discuss their shared commitment to building an America that is stronger together, while emphasizing that Donald Trump’s divisive agenda would be dangerous for America.

    Members of the public interested in attending this event can RSVP here.

    Democratic Party of Virginia Event with Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
    When: 3:15 PM EDT, Thursday, July 14, 2016
    Doors open to members of the public at 1:15 PM.
    Where: Ernst Community Cultural Center at Northern Virginia Community College, Gymnasium, 8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003

  • Virginia Veterans: ‘Trump Presidency Would Be Dangerous for Veterans’

    Ahead of Donald Trump’s Virginia Beach event today, Virginia veterans highlighted the danger that Trump’s divisive candidacy poses for veterans and military families. Local veterans criticized Trump for making remarks that are “so utterly insulting to the men and women who serve our country,” including insulting prisoners of war and continuing to praise Saddam Hussein, and for his campaign signaling he wants to privatize the VA, which would deprive our veterans of the unique support they need and deserve. Simply put, Virginia veterans agree a “Trump presidency would be dangerous for veterans.”

    “Donald Trump has said so many things over the years that are just so utterly insulting to the men and women who serve our country,” said Colonel Dave Belote. “He calls our military ‘a disaster.’ In Hampton Roads – where we’re so deeply connected to veterans and the military – saying the military is a disaster is a slap in the face to the people I served with and I grew up with, the many men and women right here in Virginia Beach who continue to sacrifice for our country.”

    “Trump’s actions have shown that he will not, has not taken care of veterans like myself,” said Retired Navy Lieutenant Linwood Fisher. “And his campaign has told the Wall Street Journal that they were considering moving toward privatization of the VA. There’s no doubt that the VA needs to be fixed – and Hillary has outlined serious proposals to do just that – but privatizing the VA is exactly the wrong way to go. The vast majority of veterans do not support privatization because they know it would undermine their ability to get the unique care they deserve and leave them vulnerable to a health care market poorly suited to their needs.”

    “I mention my service because its through that lens that I observe Donald Trump’s rhetoric, his policies, and his behavior. And as they all show, that a Trump presidency would be dangerous for veterans,” said General David McGinnis. “He actually praised Saddam Hussein for – and continues to praise him for — being quote, ‘so good’ at killing terrorists. Our service members put their lives on the line for our country every day. Making these kinds of comments is just so unbelievable and so unbelievably insulting to so many people – to the soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and the families who lost their sons and daughters, their brothers and sisters, their best friends.”

  • For a case study in how NOT to conduct an interview with Donald Trump (or anyone else who’s a pathological liar), see the Virginian Pilot’s stenography job (I was going to say another kind of job, but this is a family blog and all…) with Trump a few minutes ago.

    In short, Trump lies, lies, lies, lies some more…no challenge from the “reporter.”

    For instance, Trump repeated his Big Lie about being consistently against the Iraq War – no challenge from the reporter.

    Trump claimed (falsely) that he’s “less aggressive” militarily than Hillary Clinton – no challenge from the reporter.

    Trump repeatedly/falsely claimed our military’s being severely depleted – no challenge from the reporter, just “right right”

    Trrump: there’s crime all over the country (actually, the crime rate’s about the lowest it’s been in decades); “reporter” Bartel: “right right”

    Trump falsely claims that “Hillary’s incompetent” – “reporter” Bartel: ‘mm hm”

    Trump repeats the 4 Pinocchios bullshit point about the Navy being smaller than it was years ago; no challenge from the “reporter”

    I mean, seriously, why not just assign a stenographer to do :”interviews” like this?