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Washington Post Lead Story Epitomizes How Godawful the Corporate Media Is


This morning’s Washington Post story epitomizes so much wrong with the corporate media, it’s amazing. A few things that jumped out at me include:

*First off, the “calls for unity” mentioned in the Post article were from one person: President Barack Obama. So I’m not sure what these “calls” were that the Post article refers to.

*As for the “partisan finger-pointing,” the article notes ONE person doing that — Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president. That’s even mentioned in the subheading of the Post article, where it specifically says, “Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump blamed the president and Hillary Clinton for the violence, signaling an end to a rare pause in the heated election campaign.” (“Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, directed blame at Obama and the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.”)

*In general, this is the worst of “both sides-ism” reporting, “false equivalency,” etc. In fact – and again, it’s not opinion, it’s a FACT that the media should be focused on reporting – Democrats have overwhelmingly called for unity, while decrying the killings of both African Americans and police, while Donald Trump et al. (e.g., EW Jackson, Virginia state chair Corey Stewart) have been their usual inflammatory, divisive, racist selves.

So, bottom line: the corporate media is horrible as always, trolling for clicks and “eyeballs,” with apparently no (or at best, very low) standards of journalistic ethics and what constitutes fact-based reporting.


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