Home National Politics Rep. Gerry Connolly Calls Out House Republicans for “Political Theater”

Rep. Gerry Connolly Calls Out House Republicans for “Political Theater”


Rep. Connolly to FBI Director (and long-time Republican) James Comey:

Today’s hearing is political theater. There’s not even a pretense of trying to get at the truth. This is a desperate attempt under an extraordinary set of circumstances – an ’emergency’ hearing. I don’t know what the emergency is other than one side is about to nominate somebody who is a pathological narcissist who is talking about banning Muslims and Mexicans crossing the border are all rapists and women who are pigs and terrified at the prospects of the consequences of that in the election. So let’s grab on to whatever we can to discredit or try to discredit the other nominee…and you took away their only hope. And so the theater today is actually trying to discredit you…the insinuation being, you didn’t do your job.

Connolly proceeds to get Comey to state that Hillary Clinton neither lied nor was evasive, and that there was no evidence that Clinton did anything “willful” to, as Connolly put it, “compromise classified material.” As usual, Republicans are wildly overreaching in this case, and as usual, it will likely backfire on them.


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