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Video: Trump Supporter Ed Gillespie (Ironically) Bemoans “Coarsening of Our Culture” to Extreme Anti-Choice Group


Apparently, among Ed Gillespie’s many flaws is a complete lack of self awareness or sense of irony. In this case, we have a guy (Gillespie, the one bemoaning the “coarsening of our culture” in the just-concluded speech below) who is supporting Donald Trump, one of the nastiest, most bigoted, slimiest and “coarsest” politicians in U.S. history. Even more ironically and less self aware, Gillespie addresses this complaint to an extreme group – the National Right to Life Committee – which has done its part to contribute to that “coarsening.”

For instance, as the Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) noted in a press release prior to Gillespie’s speech this morning, “The convention is set to host several events centered around misinformation, including a workshop called ‘The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link’, a forum focused on the idea that Girl Scouts are a pro-choice conspiracy, and an event with speakers labeled “abortion survivors.” DPVA adds that this convention, being held in Herndon, Virginia today through Saturday, constitutes “a gathering of extreme anti-choice Republican leaders notorious for rejecting scientific evidence, shaming and intimidating women, and turning back the clock on progress.”

So that’s who Gillespie was speaking to this morning. Gillespie didn’t speak for long, but he nonetheless managed to get a few whoppers into his speech, such as that liberals supposedly “seek to make abortion more risky and taxpayer subsidized.” One thing Gillespie DID get right was that the presidential election in November is likely the most important of our lifetimes, as we’re talking about the potential for electing a dangerous, corrupt, unqualified, bigoted, science-denying, torture-and-dictator-loving neo-fascist (Trump). And really, all you need to know about Gillespie is that not only has he failed to stand up to Trump, he’s actually endorsed him. Something to keep in mind when Gillespie runs for governor of Virginia next year…

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