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Rep. Robert Hurt (R-acist) Can’t Leave Congress Soon Enough


And to think that the Virginia 5th CD used to be represented by the superb Tom Perriello. Fortunately, the abysmal Robert Hurt is leaving Congress, but not before proving what an extremist, racist and buffoon he is: alleging (falsely, of course) that President Obama “has sown this racial —he has fanned these flames…in many ways is responsible for fanning the flames of this anti-police feeling;” and ignorantly stating that “[i]t’s not even clear to me what the Black Lives Matter people really want, other than to draw attention to themselves.”

I mean, good riddance to this idiot Hurt, but the scary thing is there are a lot more like him out there, whether voting for right wingnuts like him, running for office (as Republicans) or holding elective office (as Republicans). And then there’s the leader of the Republican Party, racist demagogue Donald Trump. It’s all deeply disturbing…almost can’t even believe this crap is happening, that we’re in the year 2016, and that this is the United States of America.


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