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Video – Classic Moment from RNC 2016: EW Jackson Goes At It with Anti-Trump Protestor


This is, uh, interesting (see video below), courtesy of our old friend EW Jackson, now busy playing Fox-style “reporter.” So basically what happens is that Jackson is challenged by an anti-Trump protester after Jackson implies repeatedly that a large police presence is necessary because the protesters could turn violent at any minute. In response, the protester says that police are infringing on free spirit and making the situation more dangerous (I have my doubts about that). The protester says that the anti-Trump people are non-violent, “it’s the Trump supporters that wanted open carry, it’s the Trump supporters that are bringing racist groups like David Duke…neo-Nazis endorsed [Trump], it’s a fact…the protesters against Trump are committed to non violence, but the Trump supporters are NOT…you have neo-Nazis, you have David Duke, you have the bikers for Trump.” EW Jackson asks incredulously “do you think I’d be here supporting somebody who wants to support neo-Nazis?” The protester correctly replies that Trump “never decried” the white nationalists and neo-Nazis who support him. They then get into a ridiculous argument about what communism really is, with the protester finally calling Jackson a “sellout to your community” (I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that, but no question that Jackson is supporting a bunch of white nationalists/bigots) and also “you were brought here as a slave” (ok, now that is wildly out of bounds), which totally sets off Jackson, who calls the guy a racist. Fun times, eh?

P.S. Jackson’s comment on his Facebook page: “An unexpected encounter with a protestor who thinks that I am a ‘sellout to my community’ and felt the need to tell me that ‘you were brought here as a slave’ (around 4:03). The arrogence of these liberal progressives knows no bounds.”


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