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Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Speaks Out Against the Climate Science “Web of Denial”


I’m VERY happy to see Sen. Tim Kaine join Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and other Senators to discuss (see videos below) the fossil fuel industry-funded “web of denial” when it comes to climate science. As Sen. Kaine tweeted, “I stand w/ @SenateDems because it’s #TimeToCallOut the industry-led #WebOfDenial blocking climate action in Congress.” Sen. Kaine also tweeted, “Climate change is real, it’s happening in Virginia and we can and must rise to the challenge of addressing it #WebOfDenial.”

Kaine specifically noted that Norfolk and the surrounding area – home to the “largest concentration of naval power in the world” – is the second most vulnerable area in the country to climate-change-fueled sea-level rise. Kaine also discussed Tangier Island, “one of the most unique parts of Virginia,” which could end up under water to global warming. Kaine noted that while the vast majority of Virginians understand that climate change is happening, but that there is an organized effort by fossil-fuel-funded science denial organizations out there trying to confuse people. That’s the climate “web of denial,” and it’s super “shadowy.” Kaine specifically calls out the “Science and Public Policy Institute,” the “Virginia Institute for Public Policy,” the “C02 Coalition,” and the bizarro “Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.”

Again, thanks to Sen. Kaine for calling out these fossil-funded deniers, for standing up for science and the future of the planet. It’s also encouraging, given that Kaine very well could be our country’s next Vice President…but regardless, Kaine’s acting like a leader on an issue that is truly existential, and that’s a great thing to see.

  • Dianna Richardson

    We should all send Senator Kaine big thank you note for his thoughtful and truthful speech and take the opportunity to remind him to stand up against the two destructive fracked gas pipelines that are set to be built in Virginia. He knows this issue, and we need to remind him that we will have his back if he comes out against them.

  • Concerned

    Sen. Kaine is talking about speculation, not facts. His speech is very misleading in a number of areas. The Global Warming Activists have been funded in the multiple $B’s, while deniers are funded at much less than 10% of this. His speech is totally misleading. I could not find the Virginia sea-level rise, but two different stations in New York actually show the sea-level falling for the last 6 years.
    Relating a human’s temperature to the earth’s temperature is totally out of line since we can measure the human to an accuracy of 0.1 Deg C. We cannot measure the earth to an accuracy of 1 Deg C! He implies CO2 is a huge problem, but it is an agricultural benefit. Also all models have over-estimated the temperature rise by a factor of 2.5X and in fact there has been no global warming for over 18 years. The earth is greening around the world, including in the deserts. Productivity is up more than 17% and this greening is consuming more CO2.
    His quote and conclusions on the religious statement is 100% different than what the letter states. He needs to re-read the letter. The letter states that cutting the use of fossil fuels will hurt the poor and developing countries of the world much more than the rich and developed countries. Depriving these developing countries of in-expensive energy is a travesty and is not justified.

    • Tempting to delete this crap, but I’ll leave it so others can see exactly what Sen. Kaine was talking about in his superb speech.

      • Quizzical

        Gish gallop

        • Exactly – “drowning an opponent in such a torrent of small arguments that the opponent cannot possibly rebut each one in real time.” Although in this case, they’re more outright lies than “arguments.”