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Tuesday News: Clinton, Sanders Unite Against Trump; Anti-Trump Va. Delegate Scores “Symbolic” Win


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, July 12. Also see Rep. Don Beyer demanding that House Republicans allow an up-or-down vote on measures to prevent gun violence.

  • Clinton, Dems demolishing Trump, Republicans among Latinos. For more, see LATINO VOTER VIEWS ON SCOTUS, DAPA, & THE 2016 RACE (7/11/16)


  • Virginia Trump campaign spins court ruling as major victory

    – JULY 11, 2016 –

    Delegates Remain Committed to Donald J. Trump;
    Anti-Trump Effort Dealt Crippling Blow

    (New York) July 11, 2016 – Senior United States District Judge Robert E. Payne today ruled in favor of Trump campaign delegates who had argued – in line with overwhelming public opinion – that RNC delegates must follow election results and that delegates cannot be stolen at the national convention. Delegate Beau Correll, Jr., had brought the suit against the Commonwealth of Virginia hoping to reject the will of the voters, but was soundly defeated.

    Specifically, the Court found that RNC Rule 16, which binds delegates based on their election results, “is in effect presently and that it controls the allocation and binding of delegates as to their voting at convention.” (p. 6) The Court held that the Plaintiff’s “expert testimony” from Erling ‘Curly’ Haugland was not credible, lacked “textual support,” (p.6) and that “delegates are bound by RNC Rule 16.” (p. 7)
    Further, the Court found that by signing the “Declaration and Statement of Qualification,” RNC delegates are bound by RNC Rule 16(c)(2) (p. 10), and that this Declaration obligated Correll to vote in accordance with Republican Party rules and Virginia’s election results. (p. 46)

    Trump Campaign Attorney and former FEC Chairman Don McGahn issued the following statement:

    “The court has confirmed what we have said all along: Rule 16 is in effect and thus delegates, including Correll, are bound to vote in accordance with the election results. The court did not buy what Curly Haugland was selling, and noted that his testimony has no support in the rule’s text and was contradicted by his own book, Unbound. This case puts his unbound theory to rest, and is a fatal blow to the Anti-Trump agitators.”

    Virginia and National Trump Delegates

    Win Huge Federal Court Victory

    The Virginia Trump For President Campaign Reacts To Today’s Court Decision on Rule 16

    Mr. Trump and his Virginia and national delegates won a huge victory today.

    The Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond) ruled what the Virginia Trump Campaign said all along: the delegates are bound by the election results of Virginia’s March 1 Super Tuesday primary.

    Elections matter. Voters matter. The people matter.

    Republican Party Rule 16 states that delegates are bound to vote in accordance with election results.

    The narrow ruling by Judge Payne instructed that Mr. Correll has to follow the rule of the people.

    The court rejected Correll’s request to unbind.

    Correll has to vote in accordance with the will of the people as determined by the results of the primary on Super Tuesday.

    Frankly, Mr. Correll is in a worse position.

    He never really had any say, but now it’s official.

    Virginia’s 1,000,000 primary voters settled that on March 1st — Judge Payne confirmed it on July 11th.

    On Republican Party Rule 16, the Court credits our expert witness’ Jesse Binnall’s testimony because it is logical and supported by the text of the rules.

    On the contrary, Curly Haugland, Correll’s star witness who is peddling the fictional book “Unbound” to gullible buyers, was ruled to have no standing.

    The unbound fantasy theory concocted by their own experts was disregarded by Judge Payne.

    Frankly, this is an embarrassingly devastating loss to the unbound crowd and a repudiation of their nefarious thesis of nullifying 50 primaries and caucuses around the country because a handful of delegates didn’t like the result.

    The court did enjoin for Correll, so he can’t be prosecuted. Correll lost everything else.

    And it’s a win for those of us who intervened in this case.

    The court gave the precise ruling we — the interveners–wanted. We celebrate!

    Nothing changed.

    Curly Haugland is still a clown, and his views on Rule 16 were found by the court to have no textual standing.

    Haughland’s views were significantly undermined by the Defendants’ impeachment using passages from Haughland & Parnell’s publication (e.g.,Tr. Jul. 7, 2016 82:10-93:3), and by the fact that Haugland’s views on RNC Rule 16 lack any textual support

    As far as Mr. Correll, he can vote in his mind for Sen. Ted Cruz, and make believe he is the reason Cruz will get the eight delegates awarded to him by the primary election results and sent up to the podium by the secretary.

    Bottom line: The court finds that RNC Rule 16 is in effect presently and that it controls the allocation and binding of delegates as to their voting at the convention.

    Case closed.

    Mr. Trump will be the 2016 GOP nominee.

  • Va_lady2008

    Cleveland, Ohio is a majority non-white city. The Cleveland Police Department will be under federal Department of Justice supervision over its use of force policies, and the tendency of supervisors to get ignore if not cover up civil rights violations on the part of its officers, for the rest of my natural life.

    All of this is without even taking into consideration accusations that the Department widely engages in racial profiling.

    Donald Trump and his white nationalist supporters will arrive in a thunderstorm of hate and racial animus, accompanied by, among others, Oath Keepers and the Ku Klux Klan, armed to the teeth with open carry military grade weapons, enough legally acquired ammunition to fight a war, and a bad attitude.

    Throw in the Midwest’s brutal summer weather, frustrations about the political process, and literally unlimited alcohol.

    What could possibly NOT go wrong?

  • Video: Speakers warm up crowd for Sanders/Clinton New Hampshire rally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEgbgqwPPRk

  • Audio: Rep. Don Beyer, State Sen. Donald McEachin rip Donald Trump’s business record, ethics


  • Quizzical

    I still don’t get how righties can suggest that President Obama is responsible for the Dallas shooting.


    Unstable gun hoarders don’t self radicalize by hanging out at whitehouse.gov and watching the President’s speeches.

    • As I’ve said for years, right wingers suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome, would blame him for not curing cancer faster/cheaper/whatever if he singlehandedly cured cancer.