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Video: “The thugs are in charge at RNC”; Ken Cuccinelli at Center of Rebellion


The 2016 Republican National Convention is off to a rip-roaring start, with…well, check out this video and judge for yourself. Note our old pal Ken Cuccinelli at the center of the rebellion (he’s actually right in this case, as far as I can tell, at least based on the rules of the party, Roberts Rules of Order, etc.). Also, see below the video for a quick reaction to what just happened by conservative Virginia blogger Steve Albertson.

4:21 PM In possibly the most egregious abuse of power ever displayed at a modern GOP convention. The Priebus/Trump RNC completely rolled over the rules and the delegates by ignoring the move for a roll call vote and adopting the rules without even a semblance of fairness. Trumpsters claimed the push for rules changes were aimed at embarrassing Trump…not only is that an egregious falsehood, what actually happened just did more to harm Trump than any rules change ever could. The thugs are in charge at RNC.

The RNC claims there weren’t enough states with adequate signatures to take a roll call vote (a dubious proposition when they weren’t identify which states). Trumpsters gleeful for “winning” by making sure a vote can’t take place.

The chair repeatedly and conspicuously refuses to recognize Ken Cuccinelli, the chairman of the Virginia delegation. Absolutely disgraceful.

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