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Virginia 8th CD GOP Nominee Takes to Reddit Chat, Hilarity (and Idiocy, Illogic, etc.) Ensues


Here are some of the more “interesting” – defined as funny, illogical, inconsistent, patently ridiculous, idiotic and/or sounding like a liberal Democrat – comments by Virginia 8th CD Republican nominee Charles Hernick over at Reddit. Good times. By the way, Hernick is running against Rep. Don Beyer (D), who will crush him, and also, uh, this guy.

  • “Not sure that I’ve ever labeled myself as a Social Justice Warrior — but I like it.” (A Republican as a “Social Justice Warrior?” Well, now I’ve heard it all! LOL)
  • I support a cap and trade system to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. It is a free market way to do it. Cap and trade was invented by Republicans — so I wish so many were not opposed to it now…Cap and trade was a system designed by Republicans in the 70s and it worked to cleanup our air, it works for protecting wetlands, and it will work for climate change.” (Lowell’s note: yep, exactly what I’ve been saying for years; cap-and-trade is a conservative approach to dealing with the “negative externality” and “market failure” of fossil fuel pollution being dumped into our air.)
  • Coal can be clean if the emissions are sequestered underground. I helped the EPA write the Geologic Sequestration rule that would help make coal ‘clean’. It’s the only regulation the EPA has written that didn’t get them sued. That’s because we worked with oil and gas, the financial industry, and environmental groups to write the Reg.” (No, coal can never be clean, starting from its extremely destructive mining – mountaintop removal, etc. – to its transportation, processing and combustion. Yes, it can be less disastrously filthy, but that’s about all. Anyway, coal is dying, thanks to cheaper and cleaner alternatives.)
  • “I would make same day voter registration mandatory in all states.” (Again, is this guy sure he’s a Republican? His party is busy trying to SUPPRESS voter turnout and participation in the most egregious, racist ways.)
  • “I support net neutrality.” (Good, most of us progressives have supported that for over a decade now.)
  • I support the TPP. A critical feature of many trade deals is the requirement that each country enforce it’s own laws — particularly on environment. That’s good.” (Hernick strongly disagrees with Trump on this one. Also, grammar note: should be “its” not “it’s” – learn English grammar, dude!)
  • “I disagree with Trump on trade. I think we need free and fair trade. Is there room for improvement on some trade deals? Sure. But free trade allows us to compete and export to our comparative advantage and buy other goods at a lower price — I don’t want America competing with African countries on low wage goods.” (Great that he supports “fair trade,” but that’s not really “free trade,” since “fair trade” means we include strong environmental, labor, human rights and other standards in trade agreements. But no, I’m not sure trade can really be BOTH “free” AND “fair.”)
  • The election system is just fine. The system is not rigged. If a guy like me can run for congress, win the GOP nomination, and hold a sitting congressman to a higher standard we are in fine shape! That said, FUNDING a congressional campaign is hard work. It is soul sucking to ask people for money.” (Gotta agree with him on all these points.)
  • “I support marriage equality — in short, government should stay out of the bedroom.” (Again, sounds like a progressive…not sure why he’s running as a Republican, or why the 8th CD GOP nominated him.)
  • On the fact that the GOP platform completely contradicts almost everything this guy stands for: “Well … I didn’t write the GOP platform. I was on the road working during the GOP convention when the platform was written. I’m not a millionaire career politician like my opponent — I’ve got to work to pay the bills and so that I can take the next few month off to campaign.” (Hahahahaha….lame copout.)
  • On his party lurching far off the right-wing, science-denying deep end: “No. I’m totally comfortable as the GOP nominee. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican. Party leadership changes — but I believe in the core principles that my party was founded on. Economic freedom and personal liberty. And I am proud to be one of the voices in the next generation of leadership.” (Dude, today’s Republican Party is as far from Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt – both of whom are violently thrashing around in their graves, watching how far their once-great party has degenerated – as is humanly possible.)

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