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Audio: Gov. McAuliffe Says Donald Trump Totally Wrong to Bash America, Essentially Tell African Americans “Your Life Sucks”


Gov. McAuliffe had some strong words – accurate ones too – about Donald Trump earlier today on WRVA’s “Ask the Governor” show. Here’s a partial transcript and audio (see below) – enjoy!

[Trump]’s spent most of his time insulting people…I have a fundamental disagreement. He thinks America is in decline, that everybody’s beating us – China – he thinks our military is weak. I don’t. I think we’re the greatest nation on earth. Of course we could be better…When you get back to the United States of America you get down on the ground and kiss it, it is the greatest nation on earth…This constant negative attack…We have the greatest military in the world…we’re the best.

And that’s Donald Trump’s whole campaign of attacking America, tearing people down, attacking Hispanics. What he said about African Americans…you have no jobs, your schools are horrible, you’re worthless, is that an endearing message to get people to vote for you…the implication is ‘your life sucks’…You’ve got to lay out a vision for where you want to take people…What he’s done with the Hispanic and Muslim communities; stop it, we are a land of immigrants!


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