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Most Idiotic Quotes by Trump Supporters From the Washington/Moonie Times’ Article on Virginia “gone blue”


It’s always fun actually hearing from Trump supporters, whether on video (see here and here, for instance) or in the newspaper. For instance, check out yesterday’s Washington/Moonie Times’ article, “Donald Trump battles to retake Virginia, once-reliably red state gone blue,” for some doozies. Get ready for your IQ to go down a few points and your blood pressure to rise a few…

Let’s start with this idiotic comment by a Trump supporter: “‘It makes me absolutely sick that most Virginia goes red and a few cities will decide which way it goes,’ said Billy Scogin, 36, a maintenance worker.” So…basically, this Trump supporter is angry because “a few cities” in Virginia vote Democratic? In fact, if you check out the State Board of Elections, you’ll see that Democrats tend to win most cities in Virginia (often by “yuge” margins), as well as just about anywhere that’s densely populated and/or diverse (e.g., Fairfax County, Prince William County, Arlington County, Henrico County, Loudoun County, Hampton City, Newport News, Richmond City, etc.).

As for Republicans, they tend to win the sparsely-populated rural parts of the state. Which is fine, but that’s totally different than the Trump supporter’s claim about “a few cities” overwhelming the rest of Virginia. And even if that WERE the case…so what? The point is, if the majority of Virginians lived in cities and voted heavily Democratic, would that be a bad thing? Of course not; to the contrary, it’s called “democracy.” Or maybe the “problem” is that cities and densely-populated suburbs tend to have a lot of Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans and other diverse population groups? Hmmmm.

Another moronic quote along these same lines comes from a Trump-supporting banker in Fauquier County, who says that Trump’s “got to get his feet in the cities and the suburbs…It’s the only thing Hillary has.” Again, add up the cities and suburbs of Virginia and what do you get? The (large) majority of Virginia’s population, of course. In short, the “only thing Hillary has” are the parts of Virginia – the “urban/suburban crescent” from Hampton Roads to Richmond to Northern Virginia, for instance – with most of the people. Terrible, eh? 😉

Need more Trump supporter idiocy? How about this doozy (“The media, in my opinion, has become a propaganda tool for the Democrats”) or this one (“I’m worried that we are going to lose some of our rights if the Democrats get it”) or this one (“Tammy Zacofsky, a 49-year-old baker, said she voted twice for Mr. Obama but switched her registration from Democrat to Republican because of Mr. Trump.”)?

So…on the first one, in fact Donald Trump is largely a creation of the media, wouldn’t be anywhere without them. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton “drew the most negative coverage of any other candidate.” So much for that theory; try the complete opposite.

On the second quote, I’d love to hear which rights we’re going to lose if Democrats win the White House, as opposed to the many rights we’d lose if Trump were elected (god forbid). Uhhhhh.

Finally, that last one about changing voter registration from Democrat to Republican is just hilarious, given that Virginia doesn’t have voter registration by party. Plus, seriously? This person voted for Obama twice (she claims “temporary insanity”) and is now voting for Trump? I’d say she was perfectly sane in 2008 and 2012; the question is what happened to her since then?

Anyway, these are some of Trump’s Virginia supporters highlighted by the Washington/Moonie Times. Not to say that every Clinton supporter is a genius, but these Trump folks are just…wow.





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