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Clinton, Kaine Release Updated Medical Information


From the Clinton-Kaine campaign; note that we STILL have no serious medical (or tax) information on Donald Trump. What is he hiding? Probably a great, great deal.

Clinton, Kaine Release Updated Medical Information

Today, Hillary for America released comprehensive information updating the public on Secretary Hillary Clinton’s personal health. The information provides an update to the last disclosure of Secretary Clinton’s health information in July 2015.

The campaign also released comprehensive health information on Senator Tim Kaine.

Clinton’s updated information was provided in the form of a letter from Dr. Lisa Bardack, who is Chair of Internal Medicine at CareMount Medical in Mount Kisco, NY.

Kaine’s update is provided in the form of a letter from Dr. Brian P. Monahan, who is the attending physician of the U.S. Congress.

“It’s fair to say the public now knows more about Hillary Clinton than nearly anyone in public life,” said Robby Mook, Hillary for America Campaign Manager. “Hillary Clinton’s release of updated medical information today meets a standard followed by presidential candidates like Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Additionally, Hillary has made public nearly 40 years of tax returns over her lifetime. In stark contrast, Donald Trump is hands down the least transparent presidential nominee in memory. His Doctor Oz charade is as completely unserious as his original joke of a letter written in five minutes. He continues to hide his taxes and business dealing behind fake excuses. And it begs the question: what is he trying to hide?”

To view the letters click here.



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