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Friday News: “Presidential debates seriously distort our democratic system”; “12 ways Gary Johnson is a hardcore right-wing radical”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, September 23. Also check out Gary Johnson proving that he’s a far-right-wing lunatic who would trash the planet (and who doesn’t care because in BILLIONS of years, the sun is going to burn up the planet!).

  • Video: Republican Congressman from NC says Charlotte protestors “hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not.” Uhhhh….no, they hate being shot and killed, they hate being treated like s***, etc.


  • Today’s lunatic, raging misogynist Trump supporter is, believe it or not, a professor emeritus of clinical psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University. Check out out!


    “And that scion of boredom, Tim Kaine, is always around to excuse Hillary’s gaffes, provide emotional support, and testify to her health and well-being. Unfortunately, this quartet of feminized girly men does not add up to one really tough guy. Ten of them might make one Donald Trump … maybe”

    “Given the dangers and privations of this way of life, the human female is, by nature, cautious, conforming, highly adaptable under varying conditions and deferential to potentially dangerous male authority figures. She has always needed male protection and continues to need it today. With terrorism on our doorstep, many wise women will realize this fact and shift their vote to Trump by election day”

    “In conclusion, it is not natural for a woman to engage in direct combat with a man, and it borders on the bizarre when sick and unsteady Hillary is forced by circumstance onto the field of battle with Goliath. It will take more than Candy Crowley to save the day this time.”

    “Seventh, if Hillary Clinton is elected, the continuing infantilization and feminization of American men will further explode, society as we know it will crumble, and the regression back to our pagan roots will be complete. The feminist program was never designed to win by defeating men in direct competition, but, rather, to produce “equality” but turning men into women and needy children. And that program has been disastrously successful.”

    “There is simply no woman in the world who would have any chance whatsoever against a strong, angry and combat-ready male”

  • Video: Powerful new ad asks, “Is this the president we want for our daughters?” (Hint: NO!)


  • Video: Superb, sign-language ad by Nyle DiMarco on the importance of voting


  • Video: I’m with Charlie Diradour, anyone but Joe Morrissey for Mayor of Richmond


  • Video: Charlotte Mayor Blasts Trump’s ‘Presumptuous’ Claims


  • Virginia LG candidate and a federal prosecutor for 3 decades, Gene Rossi, nails it:

    No one should ever be above the law. Not the police–with whom I most proudly worked for 27 years. And not even prosecutors, one of whom I indicted for obstruction when I was a prosecutor. In Tulsa, my hat is off to the 25-year career prosecutor who had the absolute courage to soberly and dispassionately follow facts–not rumors and innuendos. To charge a female officer with manslaughter is an utterly monumental and grave decision. He is now fighting for someone who cannot speak–tragic and unarmed victim Terence Crutcher. As Teddy Roosevelt once said: Justice is finding out the “right and upholding it–wherever found–against the wrong.” The case is now in the hands of a state court’s Lady Justice.