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New TV Ad Highlights Comstock’s Shared, Extreme Positions with Trump


From the LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign – go LuAnn!

McLean – The LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign released a new ad, “Stand Up,” which outlines Rep. Barbara Comstock’s refusal to stand up to Donald Trump and highlights part of their shared agenda: defunding Planned Parenthood and overturning Roe v. Wade. Watch the full ad here; full script below.

Trump and Comstock want to overturn Roe v. Wade:

  • Comstock: “Roe v. Wade should be overturned” [MSNBC, 10/16/08]
  • Trump, in response to Bill O’Reilly’s question whether he would appoint a judge who would overturnRoe v. Wade, voiced his support for outlawing legal abortions, saying, “overturn or… overturn. Look I’m going to put conservative judges on.” [Fox News, 5/10/16]

Trump and Comstock want to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and health care services for nearly 26,000 women in Virginia’s 10th District:

  • Comstock has voted five times to defund Planned Parenthood and voted for a select committee to investigate Planned Parenthood, stating that she only voted to keep the government from shutting down to keep focus on investigating Planned Parenthood. [Vote #505, 9/18/15; Vote #504, 9/18/15; Vote #527, 9/30/15; 10/7/15; Vote #568, 10/23/15; Vote #6, 1/6/16; The Washington Post, 9/24/15]
  • Trump told supporters, “Well, they don’t want Planned Parenthood funded, and I think a lot of people understand that, including me.” [Fusion, 10/12/15]

These views are starkly out of line with mainstream Americans:

  • Two-thirds (67%) of Americans said Supreme Court was right to rule that women have a constitutional right to abortion. [Bloomberg, 9/28/15]
  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of voters, including 72% of Independents, disagree with attempts to defund Planned Parenthood. Voters overwhelmingly say they would support a candidate who favors funding Planned Parenthood over a candidate who supports defunding the organization. [Hart Research, 7/28/15]

10th District voters clearly understand that Comstock will support Trump this November, deeply dislike Donald Trump, and are moving towards LuAnn Bennett:

  • Comstock leads Bennett by just two points: 47%-45%. [Expedition Strategies, 9/24/16]
  • 54% of respondents think “Barbara Comstock will go along with Trump’s agenda and support his policies.” [Expedition Strategies, 9/24/16]
  • 64% of respondents hold a negative view of Trump, compared with just 35% who have a favorable vew of him [Expedition Strategies, 9/24/16]

Comstock has repeatedly refused to renounce her party’s nominee. She most recently responded to a question on whether there is anything Donald Trump can do to move her to renounce him by saying, “I’m watching.” Comstock has watched Donald Trump insult a Virginia Gold Star Family, give voice to hatred and racism around the country, and disparage her own constituents and local economy, describing Loudoun County as “lousy.” Despite that and more, she’s still unwilling to break with him.

“On issue after issue, Barbara Comstock is on the wrong side of Northern Virginian families and in lockstep with Donald Trump. It’s no wonder Comstock will vote for Trump for president,” Bennett spokesman Robert Howard said. “Comstock and Trump are disturbingly out-of-touch with our priorities and values, our families and communities here in Northern Virginia – while LuAnn Bennett is determined to stand up for Northern Virginia in Congress.”


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