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Not Enough for Dominion Power to “Cow” the Virginia Legislature; Now They Want Us to “Kow” Our Families


As we know, Dominion Virginia Power is very good at “cowing” (“frighten[ing] or subdu[ing] with threats or a show of force”) and/or BUYING our state legislature and environmental protection officials. But now they also want us all to “kow” (sic) our families. Seriously, these Dominion dudes are not the brightest bulbs on the block…nor do they have particularly solid quality-control standards. #FAIL

P.S. On a much more serious note, we also know that Dominion’s a wildly irresponsible company which is resisting efforts to switch from dirty to clean energy and to combat global warming. We also know that some of Dominion’s top executives – including this one – are climate science denier wackos. Yes, THIS is our state’s major power monopoly…the epitome of “legalized corruption” – and also really bad spelling! LOL


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