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On November 8th, Make Sure You Vote Against the GOP’s Entire “Defund, Degrade…Privatize” Agenda


I missed this excellent article (“Behold the GOP’s not-so-secret plan to dismantle government services: Defund, degrade and then privatize“) in my morning news clips the other day, thought it was worth highlighting, as it’s a crucially-important topic. Here are a few excerpts, the main point being that Trump may be a warped, psychotic freakazoid, but his agenda is actually VERY similar to that of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, the Koch brothers, and others who want to turn America into a crony capitalist kleptocracy, where if you’re not rich, you are totally screwed. That’s why it’s not just important to defeat Donald Trump on November 8th, but to vote against Republicans up and down the ballot in 2016 and beyond…

One side effect of the three-ring circus this presidential campaign has become is the distraction it provides so that other damaging agendas can be advanced with little or no attention. Take for example, the Republican Party’s long-standing efforts to dismantle America’s internationally modest, but still crucially important welfare state, which helps keep tens of millions of Americans out of poverty. Social Security and Medicare have both been top targets via various schemes over the years, and this budget cycle is no exception, regardless of what noises Donald Trump may make.

…Unless you’re one of the people affected — and there are millions of them — all these might seem like minor inconveniences, but the underlying aim is to destroy the system: death by a thousand cuts … or in this case, by millions upon millions of them.

…So there it is, as clear as day: Trump will be happy to sign off on Ryan’s agenda after getting elected. He just knows damn well it’s not what the American people want. The core of the agenda is first cuts, and then privatization. But slashing services in the meantime is key to souring the public on fighting against what’s coming next.


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