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Video: Tim Kaine Discusses Hillary’s Health, Trump’s “Platform” for David Duke, Alex Jones, etc.


Tim Kaine says we absolutely need to call out the bigoted views of Trump supporters like white supremacist David Duke conspiracy theorist nutjob Alex Jones, etc. These heinous views “can’t just be tolerated,” “we DO need to call it out…there are some views that you can’t just be silent in the face of them.” “The Trump campaign has given a platform to..the ‘alt-right movement'” or whatever you call it. Of course, there are also “economic anxieties,” and we “have a duty to listen and speak to those anxieties” and to “offer solutions.” “The important thing is, if you let deplorable statements go unchallenged, that’s actually divisive…I would call on others to condemn deplorable statements; there are too many people who are supporting Donald Trump…who don’t go on record and condemn [them].” “If you don’t condemn deplorable statements…then you allow our politics to become divided…we’re trying to pull people together” and avoid “old-style division.”

As for Clinton’s pneumonia, Kaine relates that he had pneumonia when he was first running for Richmond City Council in 1994 and “he made the same choice – to power through.” According to Kaine, that’s exactly the decision that Clinton – who has a “super-strong work ethic” – made as well, to try and “power through” her illness. Kaine notes that Clinton has already released a lot more information than Trump has on health, and also on taxes. Kaine said when Hillary had her coughing fit, she was like, “I’m doing this…don’t somebody else take the mic…and then she did an event later in the day…and she did fine.”

Kaine also talked about his relationship with Clinton, about their shared Midwestern backgrounds, church backgrounds, small business backgrounds, also both growing up in Republican households. So, they have a great degree of “synergy,” where one will start a thought and the other will finish it.

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