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30-Year Federal Prosecutor Who Worked With Comey: Letter “makes him and my beloved FBI…look like a bunch of Keystone Cops”


From Gene Rossi, a 30-year federal prosecutor who worked with Jim Comey. Also note that Rossi is running for the Democratic nomination for Lt. Governor of Virginia in 2017 (bolding added by me for emphasis).

Today is sad for me. During my close to 30 years with USDOJ, I had the honor and privilege of working with now-FBI Director Jim Comey from 1997-2001 in the US Attorney’s Office in Virginia. In the Bush II Administration, he had the absolute courage to stare down the White House Mafia over an unconstitutional surveillance program–next to the hospital bed of patient Attorney General John Ashcroft. However, I must reluctantly state that the Director’s vague, nebulous, and unprecedented weird dud of an email letter to Congress makes him and my beloved FBI, with which I worked for decades, look like a bunch of Keystone Cops. The Director was so smart, he did not think.

P.S. More from Gene Rossi in a conversation I just had with them: “I am really mad at Comey’s letter. Violates DOJ policy. I would have been fired.”


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