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Barbara Comstock’s (Former?) GOP Supporters Not Pleased, To Say the Least, With Her Dishonest “Disavowal” of Trump


You know how Rep. Barbara Comstock – the lifelong GOP “attack dog” and “almost unhinged” “Professional Clinton Hater,” who also stood by Donald Trump for the past year, despite his hundreds of lies, disgusting comments and actions – yesterday pulled her support from Trump in a panic at her reelection chances going down the tubes?

Well, guess what? It’s not going over too well, to put it mildly, on her Facebook page. Here are the top-“liked” comments in response to Comstock’s dishonest, cynical, uttery non-credible “disavowal” of Trump.” Remember, these are people who have liked Comstock’s Facebook page, so they are supposedly her fans.

  • 81 “likes” on Comstock’s page: “My Aunt’s friend was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. We cannot have his wife elected. All this was locker room talk. I have heard worst. It was boys being boys. Big deal. We have bigger fish to fry lime murderer and criminal Hillary Clinton”
  • 79 likes: “I am sad to see Rep. Comstock falling for this October surprise this morning from the Clinton campaign”
  • 44 likes: “Barbara Comstock, it was 11 years ago, it was locker room talk. He has since been baptized to serve our Lord, he has humbled himself and profoundly apologized. Yes he said mean things–all words. Clinton raped, and had some weird sex with an intern “
  • 27 likes: “If Trump stood down then Hillary would definitely win. The sexual comments made by Trump are totally appalling, however, he did issue an apology for making those statements. I challenge anyone to say they never made a mistake”
  • 26 likes: “Barbara a bit late after a week or more of encouraging people to vote early. Trump is no picnic but Hillary is a danger to our country”
  • 20 likes: “Republican’s need to be united. This is why we are not succeeding and the Democrats are! He said things in the past, we all have.”
  • 17 likes: “I know you must do this due to being up for election Barbara. Sadly I can not vote for you now. The Dems stick together no matter what actions Hillary and Bill take.”
  • 16 likes: “I cannot lend my support to my old friend, Barbara, any longer as she, and others who are weak, have been played by the Ds now, providing more room for those attacking American values to succeed politically. “
  • 16 likes:”So Comstock just supported Hillary as a better moral representation of USA values.”
  • 14 likes: “Barbara, it has been very obvious for a long time, via your personal voting record, that you are part of the problem in Washington. “
  • 11 likes: “Wow Barbara you’ve never done or said anything you regret (11 years ago). You are so quick to condemn Trump but Hillary is far worse but you would rather see her in the White House.”

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