Dave Brat Leads the Trump/Freedom Caucus Campaign to Oust Paul Ryan as Speaker


Dave Brat has again proved his allegiance to Donald Trump and the Freedom Caucus at the expense of his VA-7 district and the American people.  Here we go again tying up Congress and working to shut down the government when the Continuing Budget Resolution expires on December 7, but in addition this time giving Trump his revenge for Paul Ryan’s “disloyalty”.

This time Dave Brat is leading the charge against the Speaker and was quoted extensively in the N.Y. Times on Wednesday and the Washington Post this morning. He is now the go-to Oust Ryan spokesman.

The Times printed his threat to oust Ryan because of Ryan’s lack of support for Trump, saying Ryan “better pivot hard” to avoid being ousted when Congress reconvenes.”

The Washington Post reported that some members of the Freedom Caucus have a list of demands from Ryan — including deep spending cuts, changes to House rules and a promise to vote only on bills that have majority Republican backing — in exchange for their support.  Brat threatened Ryan in no uncertain terms:

“If the speaker can’t answer yes to those (demands) on paper, I’m going to someone who can,” said Rep. Dave Brat (R-Va.). “From now on it needs to be on paper, in writing, with a blood oath of some sort pledging your house and mortgage on the line, too.”

Good Luck Mr. Speaker!  Your beloved Republican Party is after your head!

When you hear Eileen Bedell, Brat’s opponent and her surrogates go after Brat for his lack of ability, focus and results, remember, hobbling government is a skill.

Eileen will not disappoint you or the 7th District.  Her Mojo is working!!  Readers take a look:




Now how can you help?  Eileen has saturation TV, Cable and Internet spots through this weekend.  She now has the commitments to move into next week, but she still needs funding for the final week. So this one is easy:


PS: Readers—please do all four.  The nation will thank you!


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