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New Quinnipiac Poll: Clinton 50% – Trump 38% in Virginia


According to a new poll of swing states – including Virginia – by Quinnipiac University, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in the Commonwealth by a margin of 12 points (50%-38%). Here are some more details:

  • “Clinton tops Trump 50 – 38 percent, with 4 percent for Johnson and 2 percent for Stein. Clinton was up 45 – 39 percent September 22.”
  • In a head-to-head matchup, “Clinton buries Trump 53 – 40 percent.”
  • “Virginia, which 12 years ago was a solidly Republican state, is now ‘true blue’ in its presidential ballot and one of the most Democratic states south of the Mason-Dixon line.”
  • “Virginia likely voters give Clinton a negative 45 – 53 percent favorability rating. Trump gets a negative 34 – 61 percent favorability.”
  • “Men are divided with 44 percent for Clinton and 41 percent for Trump. Women back Clinton 55 – 35 percent.”
  • “Clinton also leads 71 – 13 percent among non-white voters, while white voters go 48 – 41 percent for Trump.”
  • “Clinton leads 91 – 3 percent among Democrats and 46 – 32 percent among independent voters. Republicans back Trump 83 – 11 percent.”
  • “One number tells you all you need to know about why Donald Trump is doing so poorly in the Old Dominion: Only 83 percent of Republicans say they are going to vote for him, their own party nominee.”
  • You can see the “cross-tabs” for Virginia here. Unfortunately, they don’t break out by region, as I’d love to see how badly Trump is doing in VA-10, for instance. If he’s down 12 points statewide, he’s probably down something like that in VA-10, which means that Barbara Comstock will have to run 12+ points ahead of her former BFF to defeat Democrat LuAnn Bennett for reelection. Good luck with that! 😉

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