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Atif Qarni: The LAST thing people want to hear from tone-deaf politicos is that “move on, unite and heal”


by Atif Qarni

Since election day, hate crimes against Muslims and Latinos have skyrocketed. The LAST thing people want to hear from tone-deaf politicos is that “move on, unite and heal.”

My wife, brother and I were Bernie people, but after the primary we voted for HRC. Unfortunately, many stayed home. Multiple times I said to people that I feared Trump getting elected, but many politicos put me down. Now I am speaking about concerns I have, and many politicos from both sides of the aisle are saying that bad things wont happen.

Let me put a few things in perspective for you. Since moving to Prince William County, I have been pulled over twice and questioned whether I had explosive devices in my car. The second time, my children were with me. My wife has been denied service at our local DMV because she wears a hijab. Both of us have the knowledge and the political means to fight back. Many do not.

Is my county vulnerable to hate crimes, and will there be a movement to put in bad policies to target Latinos and Muslims? Absolutely. It has been done before. In 2007 the bigoted Trumponian Corey Stewart led a movement to drive out Latinos from the county. Many folks looked the other way. And he keeps getting re-elected.

Please do not expect me to believe that bad things are not coming. I am organizing and preparing for what is to come. And I call on others to do the same. And I welcome all help from everyone.

UPDATE by Lowell: In response to PW County Chair Corey Stewart’s comments the other day (“If you’re an illegal alien in Prince William County, I’d get out…we’re going to find out where each and every one of these guys is, and we’re going hunt them down and we’re going to deport them”)  Atif responded, “these Gestapo Style tactics will not be tolerated in my county.”

  • John Farrell

    Well said, Atif. We and other will have your back.

    I’m told that folks in Britain took to wearing a safety pin on their shirts to let potential targets of bigotry know that they could count on the folks wearing the pins to protect them.

    I’m putting one on today and will wear one every day one so long bigotry has a sponsor in the White House.

  • Arclengthy

    Just as there is reactionary bigotry with Obama as president, there will be strong reactions against racism and misogyny that occurs during the next administration. I’m going to wear the safety pin and encourage others to do it too. We must speak out when we see racism, even in insidious minor forms.


    Well said. Most people in VA and PWC don’t support Trump’s agenda. Most people on America don’t. But, he’s going to become Predident and there are many who will act on their hate and bigotry –including manipulative politicians like Corey Stewart who will try and ride a wave xenophobia to power — no matter what the damage to human rights and our local economy. It is time for the majority to organize to protect the vulnerable because now, nobody is safe unless everybody is safe.