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New Poll: Clinton Up 49%-43% in VA; Orwellian “Right to Work” Amendment Losing; Dems/Reps Polar Opposites on Muslim Immigration


Interesting findings in this new Winthrop University poll of Virginia

First, Clinton leads Trump 49%-43% with just a few days left to go. Note that this poll was in the field from 10/23 to 10/30, so 2+ days post-Comey news.

Second, I sure hope this finding is accurate and that the Orwellian-named “right-to-work” (aka, “right-to-be-poor,” “right-to-maximum-corporate-profits-while-screwing-over-workers”) constitutional amendment will go down to defeat on November 8.
Finally, note the party split on restricting Muslim immigrants? Overall, 84% of Dems say either “strongly” or “somewhat” should NOT restrict immigration of Muslims to America, while 68% of Republicans say that Muslim immigration SHOULD be restricted. Which one’s the party of xenophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry, again?


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