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Audio: Rep. Don Beyer Vows to Push Back Against Trump Any Way He Can


The following audio is from Rep. Don Beyer’s telephone townhall with Virginia 8th CD residents recently; see here for the entire recording. Below, you can listen to Rep. Beyer’s introduction, in which he expresses his shock and deep concerns at Donald Trump’s election. Beyer says it’s not clear what specifically Trump will try to do, since Trump spoke in such vague generalities as a candidate. Regardless, Beyer says, he will do the following to play defense against Trump:

  • “Oppose plans to privatize and cut Medicare” (e.g., the Ryan voucher plan)
  • “Oppose the Trump plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act”
  • “Defend those currently protected by President Obama’s DACA and DAPA order[s]; these are…our friends, our neighbors, our classmates, family members…not criminals and they should remain welcome” in America
  • “Stand up to bigotry, public and private…we cannot let the election of Donald Trump legitimize racism, bigotry, homophobia”
  • Strive for a criminal justice system that “treats all Americans fairly and equally”
  • “Defend the environment – there’s no question that this election is a major setback for those of us dedicated to a greener, brighter, healthier future for our planet”
  • “Continue to strive to insure that working people get a fair shot in the economy”
  • “Support a regulatory structure that protects Americans from unscrupulous business practices and the worst excesses of the financial industry”
  • “Support and protect our federal employees”

Finally, Rep. Beyer is also very concerned with the overlap between Trump as businessman and Trump as president, has co-sponsored the “Presidential Accountability Act.” I wish Rep. Beyer well, thank him for his great work, and pledge my support to help him in any way possible going forward.


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