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Going From Obama to Trump, We Are Going From…


Going from President Obama to President Trump, we are going from:

  • Superbly articulate (Obama) to utterly inarticulate (Trump; see response to Lincoln question for a recent example of Trump’s utter incoherence)
  • Extremely ethical (Obama) to completely unethical/corrupt (Trump)
  • Highly literate/well read (Obama) to illiterate/doesn’t read (Trump)
  • Respectful of science (Obama) to completely disdainful of science (Trump)
  • Great smile and sense of humor (Obama) to never smiles and has no sense of humor at all (Trump)
  • Respectful of learning and knowledge in general (Obama) to completely contemptuous of both those things (Trump)
  • Curious about the world (Obama) to totally incurious, except if it’s about $$$ (Trump)
  • Mentally balanced/sober (Obama) to mentally unbalanced/unhinged (Trump)
  • Responsible (Obama) to irresponsible (Trump)
  • Respectful of women (Obama) to…well, grabbing them by the you-know-what (Trump)
  • Thick skinned (Obama, who took more vitriol and ignorant hate than any other President, arguably) to as thin skinned as you can get (Trump)
  • Moderate and reasonable (Obama) to extreme and unreasonable (Trump)
  • Tolerant and open minded (Obama) to intolerant and bigoted (Trump)
  • Disciplined (Obama) to fly-off-the-handle/tweetstorm-at-3am undisciplined (Trump)
  • Smart, competent advisers (Obama) to a complete freak show (Trump)
  • Patriotic American (Obama) to lover/”useful idiot” of Putin and other anti-American foreign dictators (Trump)
  • A man who rose from humble origins to the pinnacle of power purely on MERIT (Obama) vs. a man who was born with a “silver foot in his mouth” (as Ann Richards once said about George HW Bush) and whose daddy (and/or the taxpayer) was there to bail him out whenever he f***ed up (which was often with Donald Trump)
  • Please feel free to add others in the comments section





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