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Democracy for America Backs Ryant Washington for Virginia Senate


Good news for Ryant Washington; election this coming Tuesday!

Democracy for America backs Ryant Washington for Virginia Senate

BURLINGTON, VT – This afternoon, Democracy for America (DFA), a national progressive organization with more than 36,000 members in the state of Virginia, endorsed Sheriff Ryant Washington in the Jan. 10th special election for VA State Senate District 22.

DFA’s endorsement is part of the organization’s on-going “Purple to Blue” Project, a national multi-year effort to win state House and Senate chambers across the country, with a focus on making “purple” state legislative seats, like those in Virginia decisively Democratic.

Quote from Democracy for America Electoral Director Annie Weinberg on today’s endorsement of Sheriff Washington:

“Sheriff Ryant Washington not only gives VA State Senate District 22 voters the opportunity to send a committed public servant to Richmond, he also gives them the chance to end Republican control of the State Senate and ensure the state’s upper chamber is actually working for working families, not just the wealthy and powerful.

“Democracy for America members in Virginia and across the country are excited to stand with Sheriff Ryant Washington because the Old Dominion desperately needs another champion for health care, public education, and the rights of women in the State Senate and that’s exactly what he’ll be.” — Annie Weinberg, Electoral Director, Democracy for America

Quote from Sheriff Washington on Democracy for America’s endorsement:

“Better than any other national grassroots organization, Democracy for America’s members in Virginia and across the country understand the stakes in this election for our state and our nation.  

“Democracy for America members know how to identify and pour their hearts into people-powered campaigns like the one we’ve built in Virginia’s 22nd Senate District and I couldn’t be prouder to have their support. — Sheriff Ryant Washington, Candidate, VA-SEN-22

Key Facts about Democracy for America and its endorsements:

  • Democracy for America is a people-powered Political Action Committee with 1 million members nationwide including 36,104 members in Virginia.
  • Since its 2004 founding, DFA members have raised and contributed nearly $36.6 million and made more than 11.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 843 progressive candidates nationwide.

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