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Sideshow Bob Rides Again (Oh, Virginia!)


If it weren’t for the damage this guy has wrought, Sideshow Bob (Marshall, of Virginia) would be a blogger’s dream. The guy has supplied us with nearly decades of material. But the guy messes with other people’s lives and that is no laughing matter. I’ve lost track of how many ludicrous actions he’s tried to launch. Anything to enrage and activate the base.

As I have been warning, the NC mess is just waiting to happen in Virginia. Cory Stewart can hardly wait to North Carolina Virginia. And Sideshow Bob is just the guy to embolden bigots and retrograde intolerants about the Commonwealth. Quicker than you can say HB1612, you have a transformation of Virginia into North Carolina. The bill differs from HB2 but the intent is clear. It tries to entice citizens to sue the locality or government agency if someone even thinks s/he has encountered a trans person in the “wrong” restroom. [What’s next? Is every short-haired woman in jeans and a ball cap a target too?] Why don’t these guys stop trying to hurt real people? They make it so transgender people have less ability to freely function in our country. This is not trivial. And it’s unconstitutional. But the entire rationale for the legislation is based upon a lie:The Big Lie that trans people are a threat to anyone. Indeed, they are the ones most likely to be assaulted, or even killed.

I’ll say it again. Transgender persons only wish to use the restroom of their gender in peace. Their transformed gender IS their gender. A trans woman is a woman. A trans man is a man.They are the ones at risk if forced to use the restroom of the birth gender assignment. They threaten no one. And yet here we are with Sideshow Bob and the faux outraged wrong-wing pretending otherwise. There is a whole army of ignoramuses at the ready to rant and rave. They will do it under the cloak of religion, but religion or religiosity it isn’t.

Additionally, jobs will exit Virginia as surely as you can say “North Carolina.” Innocent people among transgendered and cisgendered persons alike will be hurt. The cost has been high, costing Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill and Charlotte millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. Is this what Virginia wants?

So, here we are Virginia. You can save yourself decades of rebuilding and decades of work to overcome the indecency, immorality and cruelty of the emboldened, pathological bullies like Sideshow Bob Marshall. It’s easy. Just don’t go there in the first place. swamp the GA with phone calls. Vote Republican candidates out in 2017. Respect all human beings. And live by the mantra that, when it comes to equality, “y’all” means all, y’all.


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