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“Enron Ed” Gillespie Finally Says Something About Trump’s Exec. Order, and It’s Utter Drivel


What a joke this guy is. This statement is complete and utter drivel on every level. Pathetic lack of leadership as always, astounding that he thinks he should be Governor of Virginia!

  • In stark contrast to Gillespie’s pathetic LACK of leadership, GREAT work by Reps Connolly, Beyer, Raskin…


  • Also, far greater leadership by Barbara Comstock on this than by Enron Ed.

    “As I consistently have said, I don’t believe it is constitutional to ban people from our country on the basis of religion. However, I do support – and the House of Representatives has supported on a bipartisan basis – increased vetting based on national security concerns. The President’s Executive Order issued yesterday went beyond the increased vetting actions that Congress has supported on a bipartisan basis and inexplicably applied to green card holders, people who are legally within our country who have followed the rules. Green card holders go through a detailed legal process and are vetted. They are required to register with the selective service – and many serve in the military. They pay taxes. I find it hard to believe that green card holders — legal permanent residents — were intended to be included in this Executive Order. This should be addressed and corrected expeditiously.”

  • Rep. Bobby Scott statement:

    “President Trump’s immigration executive order runs afoul of American values and our constitution by essentially creating a religious test for entry into the United States and denying due process to green card holders who have been unable to reenter the country. Furthermore, by slamming the door shut to refugees fleeing unimaginable violence overrunning Syria and Iraq, the President has seriously damaged the moral credibility of the United States and only bolstered anti-American sentiment that is a key recruitment tool for terrorist organizations, such as ISIS.

    “On its face, the President’s executive order as it pertains to refugees is a solution in search of a problem. In contrast to refugees entering Europe, refugees who are resettled in the United States go through a rigorous, multi-agency, multi-step vetting process that can take 18 to 24 months, during which time the refugee seeking resettlement is required to remain in a refugee camp. The overwhelming majority of those who make it through the process are women and children, survivors of violence and torture, and those with severe medical conditions. If the President is concerned with the current process, he should work with Congress to identify problems and make any needed improvements.

    “Finally, I am very proud of the thousands of Americans who swiftly took action by organizing protests against this executive order at major points of entry and that legal organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, immediately filed challenges to this order. These efforts send a clear message that the President’s actions are contrary to American values.

    “The President should listen to the American people and immediately rescind this executive order. If he fails to do so, Congress must take appropriate action to address the order’s constitutional problems and openly debate and vote on whether or not our nation should be a beacon of hope to the world.”