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Video: Rep. Dave Brat Unhinged…Women in His “Grill,” Higher Education Teaches “Catholics Are Evil,” etc.


For more Rep. Brat lunacy at a 7th District town hall meeting yesterday at the Hanover Tavern, see here. In addition to whining about women getting in his “grill” and urging people to organize politically at churches (so much for separation of church and state, I guess), later Brat also claims the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is wrong about the enormous costs of repealing the ACA, Brat alleging (falsely) that repeal would actually reduce costs. Brat also brags about repealing regulations and how much money that will supposedly save (note: it won’t save money, but it WILL harm the environment, workers, people who breathe air and drink water, etc., etc.). Brat further claims that Republicans will “go nuclear” on Supreme Court nominee, bizarrely alleges that public education won’t mention “natural law” or “any of the Catholic teachings…no ethics at all” and that “higher ed teaches that Catholics are evil.” On and on and on with lunacy…where it stops, only his district’s voters know!

  • Laura Lee


    Brat has a history of evading debate. One source, who has been covering
    local politics since 2014, said that in some instances it appears Brat
    sends notices to only a chosen few, announces to the local paper just
    before the meetings, and either puts up the wrong information or
    completely omits it from his Facebook page and website. Read DAVE BRAT’S FAKE TOWN HALLS.

    video of the group of about a dozen protesters outside, waving to cars passing by, while the Patrick Henry Tea Party meeting occurred. She can be heard on the video saying, “Congressman Dave Brat is inside holding a private meeting with Tea Partiers and we are all constituents and we were all kicked out. We’ve been asking Congressman Brat to please have an open, public, town hall meeting — and he will not. He won’t answer us. He won’t answer our emails. He doesn’t answer our questions. All we want to do is talk to our congressman. He works for all of us.”

    • As much as I despised Eric Can’tor, I’m starting to think we might have been better off with him than with this extremist lunatic, ignoramus, etc. What a horrible, horrible human being Brat is…

      • Laura Lee

        Except he has no power
        Cantor had power

        • Brat appears to have significant power via the Freedom Caucus, which basically holds the rest of the Republican House caucus hostage time and time again…

          • Laura Lee

            Which might be a blessing for democrats this time around

  • towercam

    Wow, maybe the speaker should review the stuff Trump said during his campaign.
    He’s surprised people are scared? He’s lost touch.
    Little Davey Brat needs to grow up now and start helping The People, instead of the dirty corporations!