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Tuesday News: BADlatte et al Gut Ethics Office; Trump Tweets About N. Korea; Vogel/Reeves Email Scandal Heats Up


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, January 3.

  • Elaine Owens

    What kind of speaker is Paul Ryan when “Boob Badlatte” can simply ignore him, and majority leader Kevin McCarthy, and push an amendment through in a secret vote to gut the congressional ethics office? Ryan can’t control his own people. Plus, exactly why did Badlatte offer the amendment? What’s he hiding? The People want to know….

    • Laura Lee

      First battle won!!
      After a fierce public backlash, the House GOP reversed course and withdrew the rules change that would have gutted the Office of Congressional Ethics, according to members who were present at the emergency GOP meeting mid-day Tuesday.


      • BAd latte

        And Trump was on the “right” side! Wow!!
        Bad latte looks bad. But we knew that

        • Laura Lee

          Well Trump was sorta on the right side
          He did not say don’t do it
          He said don’t do it now

          • Right, “sorta.” Meanwhile, Trump’s administration is shaping up to be the most corrupt in US history. In short, he doesn’t practice what he “sorta” preaches to the US House.

          • Elaine Owens

            I personally think the only reason Trump tweeted as he did is that the action directly contradicted his lie that he was going to “drain the swamp,” too blatant an action even from Trump. I’m sure the house and Badlatte will find a way to starve the investigative group through the appropriations process.

          • Agreed. I’m sure it had nothing to do with a sudden burst of ethics consciousness by the utterly corrupt Trump.

          • Really bad latte

            TRump tweeting about it to 18million people does give it more attention than any good guy might have dreamed of… now, when they do try to push it through, people may pay attention

  • Video: Swamp Creature Kellyane Conway defends gutting of Congressional ethics


  • Rep. .Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) — gutting ethics office actually “transparency” Up is down, hot is cold, etc.


  • Ultimate Trumpster Corey Stewart announces former Cruz campaign staffer as campaign manager

    Corey Stewart Announces Spence Rogers as Campaign Manager

    Woodbridge, VA — Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart announced today that Spence Rogers will serve as his Campaign Manager. Rogers previously served as the Deputy Director in Iowa for Senator Ted Cruz’s Presidential campaign. There he led the Cruz team to an unprecedented victory where his candidate received more votes than any other presidential candidate in caucus history.

    “As a graduate of West Point, a Bronze Star Medal recipient for his wartime service, along with his groundbreaking success in the Iowa Caucus, Spence is a proven winner and an expert operational strategist. He was the catalyst that led Senator Cruz to victory in Iowa. In only 4 months, he built an impressive operation for Senator Cruz that far surpassed all others in the field. I am confident he will do the same for our campaign in the Commonwealth,” Corey Stewart said of Rogers.

    Turning his focus to Virginia, Stewart said, “As Republicans in the Commonwealth, we are too accustomed to losing. We’ve suffered statewide defeats in close races in 2013 and 2014. Spence knows exactly what is needed to win statewide. As Republicans, we need to do things better than we have in the past. We are excited to have him on the team.”

    Rogers also commented on his joining the Stewart campaign. “I am honored Chairman Stewart asked me to be Campaign Manager, and I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this already strong team. Corey Stewart has won four times in a blue county without compromising his conservative principles. That is strong leadership.”

    “The Stewart campaign combines all of the good from the last Presidential election in one race – the Ted Cruz ground game, a strong digital presence, and the anti-establishment fire that elected Donald Trump into office,” Rogers said. “Chairman Stewart has the charisma along with the proven conservative record that resonates with Virginians. I am thrilled to join the team.”

    Spence Rogers is a conservative political operative who has advised campaigns at the local, state, and federal level since 2008. Most recently, in Iowa for Ted Cruz, Rogers managed a very diverse team of 20+ staffers and thousands of volunteers.

    Prior to politics, Rogers served as a U.S. Army infantry officer and deployed for two combat tours to Baghdad, Iraq. Rogers is decorated with the Bronze Star Medal, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, the U.S. Army Ranger Tab, and Airborne Wings.

    Rogers is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point (B.S.), and the University of South Florida (MBA). He is a proud husband and father of three.

  • Governor McAuliffe Proposes Significant Criminal Justice Reforms for the 2017 Session

    ~ Legislative package includes reforming driver license suspensions, increasing ability to petition court based on new DNA evidence and revising felony larceny threshold ~

    RICHMOND – Governor Terry McAuliffe today proposed a legislative package of commonsense reforms to Virginia’s criminal justice system for the 2017 General Assembly session. Governor McAuliffe made the announcement at CARITAS Works, a Richmond-based workforce development program that provides career preparation and job placement services to individual with major barriers to employment. The package includes reforms aimed at better aligning Virginia’s justice system to keep people safe and connect punishments with the severity of crimes: preventing Virginians from having their driver license suspended due to the inability to pay outstanding court fees, allowing all convicted persons of felonies to petition the court to issue a writ of actual innocence based on DNA evidence and increasing the felony larceny threshold to align Virginia with the majority of the United States.

    “Throughout my administration, I have worked with Virginia’s public safety officials, the legislature, and the courts to assure that we have a criminal justice system that is fair and seeks true justice,” said Governor McAuliffe, speaking at today’s announcement. “The changes we are proposing today seek to hold offenders responsible for their crimes in a way that maintains opportunities for rehabilitation and future productivity. I look forward to working with the General Assembly this session to pass these proposals and continue our bipartisan work toward a new Virginia economy that offers every individual a safe community and a shot at a better life.”

    Joining the Governor at today’s announcement, Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security Brian Moran said, “As a former prosecutor, I have seen the need to reform Virginia’s criminal justice system to focus our public safety efforts on criminals who pose the greatest threat to our communities. We should never cease to hold offenders accountable for their crimes, but those punishments must be levied in a way that promotes restoration. The Governor’s agenda makes commonsense changes to our system that will maintain public safety while ensuring that individuals who make mistakes have every opportunity to turn their lives around.”

    The details of the Governor’s criminal justice agenda are below:

    Eliminating the suspension of a driver license due to the inability to pay court costs for most non-driving related offenses;

    The Governor today announced two bills aimed at reducing the practice of suspending the driver licenses of offenders who either cannot afford to pay court costs or who committed a non-driving offense. Nearly 650,000 Virginians currently have a suspended driver license because they cannot afford to pay their legal fees and court costs to the state. Another 200,000 have lost their licenses for offenses that have nothing to do with driving. For many, personal vehicles are the only travel option to their job, and their driver license suspension prevents them from employment, and ultimately from paying their court costs and building a more productive life.

    Eliminating arbitrary barriers to a writ of actual innocence based on new or untested human biological evidence;

    The Governor announced legislation to expand the eligibility to obtain a writ of actual innocence if new or untested evidence is discovered. Currently, only certain defendants can petition the courts for a writ of actual innocence after the conclusion of a trial. The proposed legislation expands the opportunity for defendants who pleaded guilty to petition the court for a writ of actual innocence based on new or untested DNA evidence.

    Raising Virginia’s felony larceny threshold to $500.

    Finally, the Governor announced legislation to raise Virginia’s felony larceny threshold from $200 to $500. Virginia’s felony larceny threshold is currently the lowest in the country, set at $200, meaning that an individual who steals one pair of high end athletic shoes is subject to enormous employment, housing and other difficulties that come with a felony conviction. The threshold was first set in 1980, almost 40 years ago. The purchasing power of $200 in 1980 is now over $500. This legislation will proportionately revise the punishment for theft in Virginia and align Virginia with the rest of the nation in distinguishing misdemeanor and felony theft.

  • Right-wingnut reaction to Megyn Kelly exactly as one would expect: NASTY!


  • Statements on the death of longtime Virginia State Senator Chuck Colgan

    Gov. Terry McAuliffe: “Dorothy and I are deeply saddened by the passing of former Virginia Senator Chuck Colgan, a true Virginia icon. He will be remembered for his many contributions to our Commonwealth and country as a veteran, a small business owner and the longest serving member of the Virginia Senate in our Commonwealth’s history.

    “Chuck was a champion in the Virginia Senate for the people of Prince William County and the entire Commonwealth. His passionate and bipartisan approach to getting things done should serve as an example for all of us as we continue the work he and so many undertook and passed forward to us.

    “Our hearts are with the Colgan family this evening and all of the Virginians who are mourning the loss of this extraordinary leader for our Commonwealth.”

    LG Ralph Northam: “Pam and I are saddened to learn that Senator Colgan passed away earlier today. Chuck lived a full life and dedicated his career to serving the Commonwealth in the U.S. Army Air Corps, as an entrepreneur and as a lawmaker. He was a principled public servant with a long record of accomplishments on higher education, transportation and veterans’ issues. We have lost a truly distinguished public servant, and we will hold his legacy in our hearts for many years to come. Please keep Senator Colgan’s family in your thoughts during this very challenging time.”

    Virginia Senate Democratic Caucus: “We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Chuck Colgan. Chuck was a true Virginia gentleman — the last among us of the Greatest Generation — who served his community with integrity and honor for over 70 years. He was an innovator and a pragmatist who never let partisan politics get in the way of moving Virginia forward. He has been a mentor to each and every one of us as we continue to strive to be better for the people of our great Commonwealth. The Colgan family is in our thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.”