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Video: Meet the 2017 VA Dem Candidates Running for Governor


Courtesy of Stephanie Clifford, here’s video of the two excellent Democrats (Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello) running for Governor of Virginia in 2017, presented in the order they announced their candidacies, speaking to the Virginia Democratic Women’s Caucus meeting yesterday. As David Jonas wrote yesterday here on Blue Virginia, Having Amazing Candidates is a Good Problem to Have. I couldn’t agree more — let the best candidate, with the best ideas and greatest ability to fire up voters, win! Then, let’s go on to holding all three statewide offices when we vote in November 2017.

P.S. Note the contrast in tone and substance between the Democratic candidates on the one hand, and the Republican candidates on the other hand. It’s both striking and highly revealing…

  • old_redneck

    Meanwhile, Ed Gillespie, the likely GOP nominee, is on a statewide tour.

    As usual, the DPVA is sitting on their hands hoping Northern Virginia will save us from NC’s fate.

    • John Farrell

      If you listened to Ralph’s comments, you would have heard that he too had just completed a state wide tour.

      And yes, NoVa will save DPVA;s butt again and again. It would be nice if the staff listened to folks from NoVa for a change, Then maybe our candidates could win statewide.

  • Video: Ralph Northam (6:40) and Tom Perriello (10:50) speak in Richmond at rally to save the Affordable Care Act.