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Seven Ways to Defeat Trump and Trump Republicans in Virginia This Year


Guest post by Saeid Kian of Ashburn, Virginia

The past few weeks, particularly through the inauguration of President Trump, there is one question that Virginians have been asking: “What can I do?”

This question does not come just from progressives, but from independents, libertarians, and conservatives alike. Virginians from all walks of life are wondering aloud — how do we keep Virginia from being overrun by Trumpian politicians and their policies?

Like never before, the oldest legislative body in the nation is under siege by a new threat to the values that thread together citizens from Ashburn to Oakwood, from Norfolk to Charlottesville.

The first step: Virginians should realize that defeating Trump means defeating the Trump Republicans within Virginia’s borders. Just a few examples of Trump Republicans:

  • House of Delegates Speaker Bill Howell, a Trump Republican who is against recording voting positions of Delegates
  • Delegate James LeMunyon, a Trump Republican who voted for a bill to allow discrimination against the LGBT community
  • Delegate David Albo, a Trump Republican who blocked a bill to increase healthcare services for women
  • Delegate Thomas Greason, a Trump Republican who voted against giving equal access to bathrooms for transgender students

The good news is that standing up to Trump can happen at home. This year, Virginians will head to the polls to elect the entire House of Delegates, including a bunch of Republicans in districts won by Hillary Clinton last November. To those who want to stand up to the Trump Republicans, here’s what we can do right here in Virginia:

  1. Call your Virginia delegates and senators every day. Don’t miss a day. Demand that they pass HJ 763, which is redistricting reform that prevents districts to be drawn to favor any party

Preventing Trumpian politics begins at the state level. This means favoring competition between parties, regardless of who is in power. The Virginian legislative body was founded on the principle of liberty over tyranny, which means providing fair, competitive, and transparent elections. Those who stand against these principles stand with Trump.

  1. Volunteer with Virginia Democrats – you can sign up here

Volunteering time and energy is the best way to stay engaged in our local communities. This time is well spent in our own neighborhoods, listening to concerns of different constituents and explaining to them Democratic values of community, freedom, and real democracy. This allows a one on one conversation to explain our platform – that we want to assist our community with Medicare for our elderly, protect redistricting from ugly partisans, and bring transparency and accountability to our legislature.

  1. Register everyone you know who is a Virginia resident to vote

Virginia is a unique and special state. We have a proud tradition of politics and have served an important role in shaping America. By registering voters, this tradition of democracy continues.

  1. Join Flippable, which has listed Virginia as a “flippable” state that can turn blue

There are coalitions working to bring Democratic values of community, freedom, and democracy to our state. Now, more than ever, we want to make state politics a worthy endeavor.

  1. Run for office or encourage someone you know to run for office in Virginia. You can use CrowdPac to nominate someone and start a fundraiser.

Virginia did not vote for Donald Trump. Still, we have many districts that Clinton won which have no Democrats running against the Trump Republicans. Encourage the best in your community to run.

  1. Support Jeff Bourne in his special election run for Delegate by donating and volunteering for his campaign.

The most impact happens at the local level. Focusing on federal politics is important, but the impact you can have on electing a true Democrat with real Virginian values is massive. Jeff Bourne will make an excellent delegate — and the election is today!

  1. Support David Reid in his election against Trump Republican Thomas Greason by donating here. 

David Reid is a military man and someone who stands for Virginia values. He would be a fantastic delegate that would work to bring Virginia values across the state.

Our state has a proud tradition of democracy. The recent tide of Trump Republicans and Trump non-values is an affront to all Virginians. We must start in our own neighborhoods. We must start in our own state. The answer to the concerns of Virginians against the Trump Republicans is simple: get involved.


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