On Trump’s Attack on the ‘So-Called’ Judge, and the Trumpist’s ‘Culling’ of CNN from the Media Herd


    Two thoughts of a semi-strategic nature:

    1) In his confirmation hearings in the Senate, Mr. Gorsuch should be asked: “What is your opinion of President Trump’s referring to Judge Robart [who put a nationwide stay on Trump’s Muslim ban] as a ‘so-called’ judge? Do you have any concerns about the effects of such comments on our judiciary and our nation’s system of checks and balances?”

    2) In response to the Trumpers declaration that members of their administration will not be going onto CNN to be interviewed because they don’t like some of CNN’s coverage, I would like to see ALL the major news organizations refuse to have any of those administration figures on their broadcasts or in their newspapers until the Trump people relent from this “culling” of CNN from “the herd” (as I read someone refer to it).

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