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Audio: Ralph Northam Is Absolutely Correct That Primaries Are a “Really Good” Thing For Virginia Democrats


Ralph Northam is absolutely correct in this podcast interview when he says that the Virginia Democratic primary between Tom Perriello and him is a “really good” thing “for the Democratic Party,” because it “allows people to see who I am…who Tom is…it will help with our name ID…will really prepare me for the general election on November 7th.” In a nutshell, that’s exactly what I’ve been saying for years, that Democratic primaries are really good things, for all the reasons Ralph Northam states. I’d add that competition also helps strengthen/hone candidates’ messaging, presentation, campaigns, you name it really. And, as an added bonus, primaries are NOT a “waste of money,” as some people erroneously argue, as they lead to a LOT of “earned media” for our candidates, our ideas and our party. So…let’s enjoy this primary – and let the best candidate win!


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