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Corrupt Slimeball Ed Gillespie Endorsed by Corrupt Slimeball Bob McDonnell for Governor of Virginia


Gotta love corrupt ol’ “Enron Ed” Gillespie bragging about being endorsed by corrupt ol’ Bob McDonnell (remind me again why on earth that guy is not in jail???) and also corrupt ol’ Tommy Norment. But one thing this list of endorsements – from State Sen. Frank Wagner’s home turf/backyard – does say pretty clearly is that Wagner will not be the Republican nominee for governor in 2017. Nor will crazy, bigoted Corey Stewart, but that’s another story…


Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and thirty-five leaders in the Hampton Roads community endorsed Ed Gillespie for Governor on Monday. Now, Hampton Roads leaders at every level of government have endorsed him. These endorsements further solidify Gillespie’s front-runner status as he heads into the Republican nomination contest this June.

“Hampton Roads is home to the country’s largest naval base, a world-class port, scenic coastline, dynamic tourism industry, countless historic landmarks, first-rate colleges and universities, and over 1.5 million hardworking Virginians,” said Gillespie. “This area’s success is integral to the Commonwealth’s success, and we must continue to create an environment that promotes economic growth and encourages Virginians to stay in the region. I’m humbled to have the support of so many public servants in the Hampton Roads community. I’ll work with them every step of the way to advance policies at the state and local levels of government that make life better for all Virginians.”

Governor Bob McDonnell said, “Ed Gillespie is a conservative leader with a vision and policy agenda that can unite all Virginians across the Commonwealth. He understands that the first priority of the governor is to strengthen our economy and create opportunity for all Virginians. He has started to lay out a sweeping policy agenda that will put the Commonwealth on the right path. More than anything, Ed is committed to being a tireless governor working to grow opportunities for all Virginians. Ed has my emphatic support, and I am confident he will be our next governor.”

Delegate Barry Knight (R-Virginia Beach) said, “Ed truly understands the needs of the people of Virginia Beach. He will be a strong advocate for us in Richmond, and I am proud to support him.”

Senator John Cosgrove (R-Chesapeake) said, “Virginians need a governor who will cut taxes and recreate the pro-business environment that we have missed the last four years. Ed’s commitment to cutting taxes and promoting business will improve jobs and the economy for Hampton Roads and all of the Commonwealth.”

“Ed Gillespie’s economic policies are exactly what Virginia needs to boost jobs and strengthen our economy. As a small business owner himself, Ed understands how policies impact small businesses and knows how to foster a pro-business environment. He will work tirelessly to create an environment that allows small businesses to thrive,” said Delegate Jason Miyares (R-Virginia Beach).

Chesapeake Mayor Alan Krasnoff said, “Ed Gillespie understands that Virginia’s success depends on healthy relationships between governments at every level. He understands the challenges Virginia’s cities and counties face together and is committed to addressing them – with us – through strong partnerships. Ed’s plan will lead to economic growth and successes for counties, cities, and the entire Commonwealth!”

“Ed’s support of law enforcement is encouraging. He is committed to ensuring the safety of our communities. He will be an asset to the law enforcement community in Virginia, and I am proud to support him in the Virginia governor’s race,” said Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney Colin Stolle.

York County-Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs said, “Ed Gillespie is the only candidate who will provide law enforcement with the vital resources they need to keep our communities safe. He is the best candidate for governor.”

Williamsburg City Councilman Benny Zhang said, “As a millennial, I greatly appreciate that Ed Gillespie put forward a plan to let us keep more of what we earn and is working to prepare Virginia for the 21st-century economy.  As an elected official, I have been impressed by Ed’s policy know-how and solutions-oriented campaign that will mean betterment for Virginians from all walks of life.  I am proud to give Ed my support.”

The full list of Hampton Roads endorsements:

Governor Bob McDonnell

Former Congressman Randy Forbes

Senator Tommy Norment

Senator John Cosgrove

Former State Senator Jeff McWaters

Delegate Gordon Helsel

Delegate Chris Jones

Delegate Barry Knight

Delegate Jay Leftwich

Delegate Jason Miyares

Delegate Chris Stolle

Delegate Ron Villanueva

Honorable Christie Craig, Chesapeake School Board

Honorable Sam Boone, Chesapeake School Board

Honorable Colleen Leary, Chesapeake School Board

Honorable Victoria Proffitt, Chesapeake School Board

Mayor Alan Krasnoff, Chesapeake

Vice Mayor Rick West, Chesapeake

Councilman John De Triquet, Chesapeake

Councilman Robert Ike, Chesapeake

Councilman Lonnie Craig, Chesapeake

Councilwoman Debbie Ritter, Chesapeake

Honorable Colin Stolle, Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney

Councilwoman Jessica Abbott, Virginia Beach

Councilman John Moss, Virginia Beach

Councilman Bobby Dyer, Virginia Beach

Councilwoman Pat Woodbury, Newport News

Sheriff Danny Diggs, York County-Poquoson

Honorable Sandra Young, James City County School Board

Supervisor Sue Sadler, James City County

Councilman Benny Zhang, Williamsburg

Honorable Louis Tayon, Chesapeake School Board

Councilman Thomas Cannella, Poquoson

Sheriff    Robert Deeds, James City County-Williamsburg

Sheriff  Jim O’Sullivan, Chesapeake

Commissioner of Revenue Ray Conner, Chesapeake

Gillespie is also endorsed by 62 of the 87 Republican members of the General Assembly, a majority of the State Central Committee, and more than 30 local unit chairs. Find a full list of endorsements here.  The campaign has also signed up nearly 6,000 committed volunteers and supporters.


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