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Democrats: Pony Up by Midnight Tonight!


Democrats and other progressives!  Want to keep Virginia’s leadership blue?  Want to blast past the hurdles of gerrymandering and take back the House of Delegates?  Then please pony up!  Today is the quarterly filing deadline for Virginia’s statewide and House of Delegates candidates. This is a critical deadline for numerous reasons, but not least because those running for HoD will receive greater support from the DPVA if they’ve raised a decent amount of money. On this page of the 90for90 website, you can see all of the 2017 candidates.  Scroll down until you get to Virginia.  This is a chance to put your two cents in for real.  OK, a bit more than that would be good, but don’t think $2 is too little – it all adds up.  But the deadline is midnight tonight, so don’t delay!

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