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VA Dems Statement on VA GOP Nominating “Hobby Lobby” Lawyer for Attorney General


John Adams is a corporate tool and right-wing extremist, just like Cooch. He must NEVER be Attorney General of Virginia.

DPVA Statement on Republicans Nominating “Hobby Lobby” Lawyer for Attorney General

RICHMOND, Va. – Democratic Party of Virginia Executive Director Becca Slutzky today issued the following statement on the nomination of arch-conservative and white-collar corporate defense attorney John Adams for attorney general:

“John Adams has made a career siding with powerful corporate interests instead of Virginians, including in the infamous Hobby Lobby case to limit women’s access to contraception. Virginians need an attorney general who will fight for them, not a crusading arch-conservative who has made his living defending companies and CEOs accused of breaking the law.”

Arch-conservative John Adams has admitted that his job is to “essentially defend individuals and companies who are being prosecuted by DOJ or investigated by the SEC.”

In addition to fighting in the Supreme Court in the Hobby Lobby case to make it harder for women to access contraception, Adams has remained opposed to marriage equality, even after a conservative Supreme Court found that it was a constitutionally-protected right. Adams’s own website says: “The Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision forcing the states to redefine marriage was not based on anything in the Constitution, and it denied American citizens of the very right to self-government our Founding Fathers fought for.”


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