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Donald Trump Declares War on House “Freedom Caucus” (e.g., Reps. Dave Brat, Tom Garrett, Morgan Griffith)


For a list of House “Freedom Caucus” (in quotes because it’s Orwellian bulls***, where “freedom” means “tyranny,” pretty much), click here. Note that Representatives Dave Brat (R-VA07), Tom Garrett (R-VA05) and Morgan Griffith (R-VA09). Guess what, guys: looks like Donald Trump has declared war. It will be interesting to see if Trump and his team follow through by recruiting, and funding/endorsing/etc., primary challengers to Brat, Garrett, Griffith, etc. Somehow I doubt it, as Trump generally fails at most everything he does, but we’ll see…

  • Robert Reich on Trump’s anti-“Freedom Caucus” tweet:

    This is bonkers. All 32 Freedom Caucus members are in safe Republican seats. None have ever been challenged by moderates in primaries; their only challenges have come from even farther right.

    Trumpcare lost because 24 “moderate” Republicans refused to join him — from purple districts whose constituents would lose health coverage. They were afraid that if they ran next year when a total of 14 million Americans lost coverage, a Democratic challenger would beat them. And they were probably right.

    Trump’s wisest move forward – his path to tax reform, a large infrastructure initiative, and even a fix of the Affordable Care Act – is to create a coalition of Democrats and moderate Republicans, and forget the Paul Ryan Republicans and the Freedom Caucus.

    But he seems to believe he can do what he wants solely with Ryan’s Republicans. He’s wrong.