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Northam, Perriello Campaigns Spar Over Attack Video Posted on Unofficial “Kander for America” Twitter Page


I saw this exchange yesterday between communications people for the Perriello and Northam campaigns on Twitter, was confused then and still don’t know what to make of it this morning. Clearly, though, this spat isn’t over; see the statement I just received from the Northam campaign a few minutes ago, for instance. Looks like things are heating up in the Virginia Democratic governor’s primary.

P.S. Just to emphasize, to my knowledge the “Kander for America” Twitter page has no connection whatsoever to Jason Kander.

STATEMENT: Northam for Governor Response to First Attack Ad of the Primary from Perriello Team

Richmond, Va. – Yesterday, Tom Perriello’s press secretary shared the first attack ad of the primary, a web video distributed by a suspicious Twitter account attacking Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam. The video is sourced to a “Kander for America” Twitter account, with followers including “America1st,” “Deplorable Infadel,” and “Dems Against Bernie.”

Followers also include Tom Perriello’s Chief of Staff Brennan Gilmore and his press secretary.

Tom Perriello’s Twitter account has also previously shared content from the “Kander for America” account:

Northam for Governor Communications Director, David Turner, today issued the following statement:

“It is a shame Tom Perriello’s allies are the first to release an attack ad in this primary, and his team is among the first to share it. This turn in the campaign only welcomes more scrutiny of Perriello’s “A” rated NRA endorsement and his vote to limit women’s access to an abortion. Sharing content from this fake account not once, but twice is a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the views of Jason Kander and deceive Virginia voters.

Ralph Northam has been fighting for a woman’s right to choose, common sense gun safety, and LGBT rights in Virginia for the last 10 years. If Tom Perriello’s campaign and his allies want to compare Ralph’s record against Tom Perriello’s NRA endorsement and anti-choice record, we are ready for that fight.”

P.S. Here’s the video posted on “Kander for America,” whatever that is…


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