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Northern Virginia Strong! Why I’m Running.


by Karrie Delaney for Delegate

My name is Karrie Delaney and I’m running for Virginia State Delegate in the 67thdistrict. I want to tell you a little about my campaign and why I am running to represent the people of Northern Virginia.

The Virginia General Assembly is broken – controlled by self-serving politicians who care more about their political careers than they do about Virginians. I’ve dedicated my life to public service at both the grassroots and global levels; and I’ve seen firsthand how policy decisions can impact children, women and working families. Now I’m running for the House of Delegates to continue my service to the community and to fight for real solutions in Richmond.

My first job after college was working at a group home for children in foster care. I worked with children of all ages, but a story that sticks with me is the story of  a seventeen-year-old girl who was just a few weeks away from turning 18.

She was “aging-out” of foster care, which meant she was to pack all their belongings into a black plastic trash bag and walk out the front gates into a world she was unequipped to handle.

This 17-year-old girl — like so many who have aged-out of foster care — had no where to go. I spent weeks calling every Social Service Agency and shelter in hopes of finding her a safe bed. But because she was not a victim of domestic violence, or a drug addict, there were no beds available.

Thankfully, we were able to find a relative of a friend who had a spare room for her.

I’m not telling you this story because it’s unique. I’m writing this because stories like this are far too common. Bad policy has failed too many children too many times.

I’m running for delegate, because it’s time we fix Richmond. We must give a voice to the voiceless and stand up for those who are too frequently pushed aside, ignored, and forgotten.

Virginia will be at its best, when every Virginian has the tools to succeed, and the rights to carve their own path.

Together we can win this race and start focusing on what really matters — finding solutions to the challenges facing our community so all our families can prosper.

This will not be an easy fight. In fact, the 67 District is one of the most competitive in the Commonwealth, and our campaign will need all the help it can get to reach every single voter’s door.

But together, we know we can win in November and deliver results for Northern Virginia.

That’s why I’m asking for your help so that I can take my fight for women, children and working families to Richmond. Every dollar counts, and even a $5 contribution can go a long away in helping us to reach more voters. Can I count on your support today?

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